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This week's update video is out. And it's loooonnng, and me reading you a spreadsheet.

Artists love spreadsheets right? 🤪

I've digested 500 youtube comments to distil just what is wrong with Inkscape (according to users) and it's kinda interesting:

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Thanks to the rainy weather [and nothing better to do] I played around with Inkscape for my 2nd entry to the About Screen Contest for Inkscape v1.4.
[Maybe the recent Affinity/ Serif/ Canva news had something to do with it as well.]

I pushed Inkscape quite hard - nearly 13,000 elements with heaps of blurs, gradients, layer blend modes set for a nicer mix of colours and ample path effects.


gfkdsgn , to palestine group German avatar

Starvation as a weapon for ethnic cleansing isn't better than to use pesticides on human individuals. It's inhumane to fight against from , isn't it? If that's not evidence of intentional genocide for the , then it must be me who's so confused about @palestine by

Maybe that's why the cans are mixed up in this vector re#interpretation of a well-known Andy . There's more than a meta-level in this POP Art if a Zyklon-B can is merged with Campbell's Tomato Soup, isn't it?

vs as 4 , not just !

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Oooh, has the node graph functionality, which allows you to compose vector objects from the primitives like fill, stroke, transform and live filters in a visual manner!

Node graph interface and filters both give me this nice break-out I needed after LPEs in . Don't get me wrong: that program is THE legend, developers are masters of vectors, and it's purely native Gtk toolkit on which application is built. Right now, their priority is CMYK support, so follow if you're into printing.

I just love to experiment with shiny new software that's , especially one that uses and to its advantage.

Watch 'em apply circular repeat filter on a mere line to produce this fun sparkle effect. (It is Graphite's official channel, by the way. Wish they were on Mastodon?)

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This "week's" update is out

Now I have to get back to my code, the merge just happened and my hair is already turning white....

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Found a neat feature to help me determine if there is enough contrast between a text's color and the background.

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I do the VECTOR ART STREAM from Sunday to Thursday, inclusive, around 10:00 AM UTC! In general, I draw things in .

🔴 Come watch on :

📐 Entertain yourself to some chat, learn about making mascots, intricacies of design and vector graphics. 🎶 In the background, you can hear soothing music licensed under public domain or CC licenses with derivative clauses, to which I'll gladly provide sources.

Bilingual streaming. Most of the time, it's English - but let me know if you're into Russian: I'll keep communications in both languages.

vintprox OP , (edited ) avatar

📐 Welcome to at 10:00 AM UTC!


Metastream is underway: today, we'll dive deep into creating a Viewer Character for use in my further streams. In summary, idea is very similar to - little creatures spawn and roam around on the bottom of the screen, reminding of the viewers in chat.

But I have some nuances which I wish to cover with . 👾 It's smooth animations, and physics, and plugin support, and partial viewer authorization... Woah! More of that in the separate stream, but right now let's concentrate on the design part in .

📌 Latest work:

👋 Announcement and stream schedule can be found in the post above.

vintprox OP , (edited ) avatar

Thank you, my dear 4 viewers on , for coming today to . I had a nice space casually explaining what I work with and it didn't feel as intense as it did in lieu of any viewers at all. Letting your tongue out is kinda refreshing - both mother tongue and English! 🤪

Not only did I have time for , there was some for as well. These are all nice packages that work together well. There is an important distinction between graphics production and layout, and I hope I helped you figure it out.

My channel offers educational value, all the while giving it a sense of lighthearted entertainment. It can be anything: my struggles, joy, your audio experience, wisdoms... For stream schedule and other details, read 🧵

Here comes a Viewer Character that I was doing on stream today. There is more work on it, but let it shine your rest of the day and come tomorrow for more!

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From time to time I get private messages from people who want help, and I have to let them down because I can't provide private help without a paid contract.

But the below response shows the persistent confusion about what projects are and what responsibilities the people who work on them have to the general public. (i.e. a commons with people in it and practically none at all)

How we educate people about what / is and have support for folk is an open question.

2dgameartguru , to Random avatar

Another year another About Screen competition. I had a go at the v1.4 screen...


chriswood , to Random avatar

@inkscape has quickly become one of my favourite design tools. The "Power stroke" live path effect allows you to turn a simple curvy stroke into a dynamic, sweeping form.

  1. Draw a curvy line using the pencil or the pen tool
  2. Open the "Path effects" panel
  3. Search for the path effect "Power stroke"
  4. Using the Node Tool (A), drag the purple handles to adjust the tapering

Video walking through the steps written to use the "Power stroke" live path effect in Inkscape. At the end of the walkthrough, I scroll through several example of swooping black lines with varying stroke thicknesses. No audio.

vintprox , to Random avatar

Was working today on kind of an entry piece for Community Design Team: a logo and new mascot for (special type of container).

His name is Bootseef and he's ready to fly through updates! 🚀🚀 Thanks to Madeline Peck and Design Team for the sketches, sources and color choices that inspired me. 👋 I enjoyed doing this particular mascot the most. and have lots of work on their plate, so I invite aspiring and designers by trade to have a looksie-look in their GitLab issues. @fedora has engineering and other teams worth their gold, making software great, as well.

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    I had some more fun with patterns... Using simple black-and-white patterns [mostly]. Working with scale, orientation, blend modes, and transparency.
    Good fun... and maybe a decent start for a new video tutorial.

    doctormo , to Random avatar

    Today's update video is available and is a special interview with @CRogers while I'm here at

    What is the experience of using inkscape in the design industry? Can it be used by professionals? (posting peertube, let me know if i should continue instead of youtube)

    doctormo , to Random avatar

    Well that's

    chat server Rocket Chat decided to make their latest upgrade plain abusive. If you run your own, you are now required to enrole in a trial of their premium proprietary nonsense and it's likely the server is spying on it's admins and users.


    Looks like is going to have to move chat systems. There's just no way to regain trust in an upstream that is abusive. Not without forking away from the abusers.

    chriskirknielsen , to Random avatar

    So I've been working on this little side project for a couple of weeks. It's likely buggy so let me know if you find oddities.

    Anyways, here's SVG Filter Maker, a graph-builder-like tool to craft your own filters:

    Ideas and feedback are welcome!

    vintprox , avatar

    @chriskirknielsen @inkscape

    This is an excellent tool! Any plans for node graph for filters in ?

    vintprox , avatar

    Your work is invaluable, @chriskirknielsen! Never thought about visualizing effect filters, but now makes a lot more sense because of such a tool.

    I mean, in terms of non-destructive workflows and , the only thing I know that Just Works™ is . Of course, if ever got approved by Consortium, the progress would be apparent. Well, nevermind that! Having node graph for path effects, additionally, would probably make up for a stellar experience.

    Your tool is something else: it comes at rescue in understanding raster SVG effects. I have a hope. 👍

    2dgameartguru , to Random avatar

    It's done... I just uploaded the "somewhat Helpful Hints for Inkscape".

    Grab it for free [add a 0 [zero] in the price tag] from the Gumroad page.


    vintprox , avatar

    @2dgameartguru @inkscape

    200+ pages of Somewhat Helpful Hints for is a lovely Christmas present! I'm seeing myself finding a lot of inspiration for every possible design with this. Thank you!

    2dgameartguru , to Random avatar

    Done! The 1st draft of the 'Helpful Hints' for Inkscape is done - it needs some proofreading now and then the fixes. I hope it will be up for FREE soon!


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    Estou eu ficando mais radical com o tempo? Talvez. Cada dia que passa parece que eu me torno mais e mais resistente a por qualquer investimento de tempo em aprender novas ferramentas de software que não sejam livres. Não tenho vontade de ensinar ninguém a usar software que não seja livre. Não tenho vontade de divulgar/compartilhar resultados de softwares proprietários, por mais encantadores que sejam, pois eles não vão poder ser reproduzidos pelas pessoas que não tem acesso... Às vezes me parece meio ranzinza isso. Mas aí vejo o que é feito com , , , , , , , , , e penso, nossa, tamanho é o potencial criativo dessas ferramentas livres! Vamos apoiar o

    doctormo , to Random avatar

    This week's video is a special crafting episode. I'm making an Advent Calendar from bits of card and Inkscape:

    See you all next week!

    vintprox , (edited ) to dR Bulletin Board avatar

    November must be the nicest month in ?

    3/11 - 's birthday.
    6/11 - & .
    9/11 - .

    🥰 All the hommies are here!

    adamsdesk , to Random avatar

    Welcome To Inkscape: A Complete Starter Guide for New Users by Logos By Nick

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