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Women can be abusers too.

If I could get the whole world to agree on something in applied understanding, it would be that.

By applied understanding, I mean, more than just agreeing on principle, but actually take it seriously when a man says, he was abused, and not try to find some excuse or justification or acceptable reasoning for it.

Abuse is abuse, and your gender should not make it more or less significant.

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    After Eden: A Short History of the World

    In After Eden, prominent Latin American historian John Charles Chasteen provides a concise history of world, in which he explores the origins and persistence of the timeless phenomena of humanity’s inhumanity to itself.


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    Lovely example of a fact-value marriage here from the German Foreign Minister @abaerbock :

    "If there is no in crisis then there is no either."

    "Denn ohne in der Krise gibt es auch keine


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