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The Venture of Islam, Volume 3: The Gunpowder Empires and Modern Times

In this concluding volume of The Venture of Islam , Hodgson describes the second flowering of Islam: the Safavi, Timuri, and Ottoman empires. The final part of the volume analyzes the widespread Islamic heritage in today's world.


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On line seminar tomorrow for key research using confidential micro data!
2 papers: “Child Penalties in Canada,” by Connolly, Fontaine & Haeck AND “A scientific approach to addressing social issues using administrative data,” by Green, Simard-Duplain, Sweetman & Warburton.
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Protestant justifications for establishing parks, and the ideology of “manifest destiny” contributed to the persecution of tribes, a reality that the National Park Service has begun to redress in recent decades.

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The Tudors in Love
Passion and Politics in the Age of England's Most Famous Dynasty

In this groundbreaking history, Sarah Gristwood reveals the way courtly love made and marred the
Tudor dynasty.


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While four autobiograpical accounts of Alice Thornton's (1626-1707) life exist, each one is different from the others as she changed the structure and rewrote events.

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“It is a strange fact that the population of dogs and dog breeds that we enjoy today largely emerged as a hobby for bored aristocrats in a tiny sliver of English history—during a period in which classification, measurement, and standardization became a national obsession.”


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I want to learn more about modern Africa to combat any biases I may have picked up from public schooling in the US -- and just because I realized I don't know much about African countries and people. Does anyone have favorites as far as historical events, culture, religion/spirituality, etc.? @histodons

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A bit ironic given this is disseminated over the Internet...

The Internet would be far better if giant corporations didn't control platforms & endlessly surveille & profile & do so very unequally--to me that largely is a capitalism, governance & regulatory failure--power & control of infrastructure.

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Check out the DH project on the economic, social and political history of the banana industry in Latin America from my colleague Kevin Coleman. @histodons

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This is 🍌🍌🍌🍌. A grave field from the Viking Age has been discovered in the middle of the city of Gothenburg. Right in between Sweden's largest outdoor stadium and the public bath with the Olympic pool. There is so much city activity at this location that it's hard to comprehend that these graves were somehow overlooked...? (Article in Swedish)

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The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

From the rise and fall of empires in China, Persia, and Rome itself to the spread of Buddhism and advent of Christianity and Islam, right up to Western imperialism and the great wars of the twentieth century, this epic, magisterial work illuminates how the Silk Roads--the crossroads of the world, the meeting place of East and West--perhaps more than anything else, shaped global history over the past two millennia.


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The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings

There is more to the Viking story than brute force. They were makers of law - the term itself comes from an Old Norse word - and they introduced a novel form of trial by jury to England. They were also sophisticated merchants and explorers who settled Iceland, founded Dublin, and established a trading network that stretched from Baghdad to the coast of North America.


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Played the Oregon Trail in class today. My day was filled with exclamations from students like “What do you mean Timmy broke his arm??” and “Three oxen wander off? Why would they just wander off??”


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Thursday, 5 p.m. Eastern

Hybrid seminar:

Teaching the of the : A Roundtable

Arthur F. Kinney Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies : UMass Amherst

featuring, among others, @ryancordell & @bookish

(apologies if I have missed other participants who may be on Mastodon)

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Deeper and deeper into and people, I went into the Imperial Palace for a special performance of (雅楽), imperial court and of mainland origin that have been performed there since the Heian Period over a thousand years ago. An acquaintance who is a Shintō priestess (see photo) from Nara played two types of traditional flutes that sustain an eerie or higher-worldly atmosphere. The relatively slow and deliberate movements of the mostly male dancers in many-layered gorgeous contumes stand in contrast with the frenetic tempo of modern . We experience as the pace of transformation, and that brief time transfixed with the Gagaku performance was but an interlude from an ancient era in a workday preparing for university classes and a keynote address. Photos will have to suffice to evoke the special atmosphere.

Publications on Japan:

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Gagaku performance
The author with a Shintō priestess acquaintance, and other Gagaku performers in the background
Another Gagaku scene

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"Abraham de Moivre (born May 26, 1667, Vitry, Fr.—died Nov. 27, 1754, London) French mathematician who was a pioneer in the development of analytic trigonometry and in the theory of probability"

Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. "Abraham de Moivre". Encyclopedia Britannica, 23 Nov. 2023, Accessed 27 November 2023. @science

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We tend to think of the Acropolis as an unchanged relic of classical Athens, but it turns out that a lot of stuff has happened there since the time of Pericles:


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What archives do you have to share inspired by theme ? We'd love to see them!

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Love in a Time of Hate: Art and Passion in the Shadow of War

“An enthralling and insightful cultural history—one that shows how, over the course of one pivotal decade, love, freedom and the freedom to love gave way to fear, madness and despair.” —Malcolm Forbes, Washington Post Book Review
An ingeniously orchestrated popular history brings to life the most pivotal decade of the twentieth century.


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After Eden: A Short History of the World

In After Eden, prominent Latin American historian John Charles Chasteen provides a concise history of world, in which he explores the origins and persistence of the timeless phenomena of humanity’s inhumanity to itself.


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Program & registration is now available for Asia-Pacific Economic & Business History Conference 16-18 Feb 2024 in Honolulu. 36 exciting papers inc 8 Chinese & 8 Australian economic history. Plenary speaker Zhiwu Chen (HKU). Host is the wonderful Sumner La Croix.
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BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: one hundred articles on the history of Venice, with no paywall or subscription. Offer valid for a finite period only!

Don't miss this great occasion to learn something.


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hello !

We're the George Lansbury Memorial Trust, set up in 2012 to commemorate the life of George Lansbury; the life-long campaigner for social justice.

George started life as a radical Liberal, became a socialist in the early 1890s & joined the Social Democratic Federation, Independent Labour Party, and then finally a Labour MP in 1922, leading the Party in the early 1930s.

We organise events and promote his legacy


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@histodons what would be a good instance to be on for predominatly UK based labour history people?

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The Opium Queen

Opium Queen is the true story of the widely mythologized genderqueer Burmese opium-pioneer of noble Chinese descent, Olive Yang, who secretly ran an anti-communist rebel army supported by the CIA in the 1950s heyday of the Golden Triangle.


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