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It's been 40 years since launched the seminal, essential, world-changing @2600: The Quarterly. 2600 wasn't the first /hacker zine, but it was the most important, spawning a global subculture dedicated to the noble pursuit of technological self-determination:


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If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


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Long thread

My year with Mastodon ()
I celebrated my first a few days ago. It’s been a good first year on Mastodon for me; I like the idea, I like people here, and I like the calm vibe this place offers.

Also, I ditched all of my other accounts. All but one.¹

As I say, Mastodon is a good to be, however there are a couple of things I’ve been struggling with the whole time. I’m going to put together a brief summary below in hope that someone can help me with them.

¹ I still keep Instagram to exchange cute pics of sloths and pandas, and ice-hockey reels with my sons. 😁

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The thing that buggers me the most is boosting.

I know boosting is important because it’s the only way to spread the news around as there are no here to force-feed us what they “think” is good for us, and I’m quite a myself, too. But I’ve cut back a bit recently for a simple reason: I can’t hide boosted posts from my .

I mean, when someone views my profile I want them to see my toots first so they can get an idea of who I am and, conversely, when I visit someone else’s profile I prefer to see what they have to say.

If you’re a generous booster but not so creative in the “” department, just like me, you get a profile full of re-blogged posts where your original are hard to find. And no, toots don’t do the trick.

If there’s a to work around this, I would much appreciate if you share it here.

MonkCanatella , to Technology in Monaspace - Microsoft presents a new font family for code

You can check out fonts here and filter based on mono spacing, ligatures, etc. Hack is by far my favorite font but I just wish I could use it with nerdfont/jetbrains ligatures. It just has this beautiful way of being able to look open and readable while taking up less space than fonts like fira or jetbrains.

Cool for them for making a font, but personally don’t think it’s up to firacode, hack, jetbrains or many other fonts out there

Wait, why did they invent the phrase “texture healing” for literally what all mono space fonts try to do: make a monospace font that doesn’t look like cluttered shit.

Malicious Contributions: Abridged

Let this thread act as a table of contents for the software contributions found to be malicious or done in ill intent. With every story that you send in the comments, I will add a respective entry to the list in chronological order. Each entry in the chronology will show the date and the appropriate name, linking to your...

Is it a good contribution or a bad one? One likes your software, another will inevitably ruin it.
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As of 11am EST, Trump’s legal defense fund site is defaced and has been since yesterday with links to fund and Rock the Vote instead.

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Creepy dude: “I’m gonna hack you!”
Me: “Free ? Sounds good”
Creepy dude: I SAID IM GONNA YOU! Be scared, female!
Me: This dude is gonna test my for free. I was just gonna pay someone a chunk of change.
Me: noooooo dont!
Creepy guy: tries to get in my accounts, repeatedly fails bc i got a yubikey in my clit ring bc crazy person
Me: well… at least hardware authentication works.

This is humor for legal purposes

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