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The first video of I hope many, where I just share knowledge in a short format! I wanted to start this for a long time now!

Let me know if you enjoy that!


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Don't do this, people. It helps no one and if anything pushes people away from our community.

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Someone helped me improve the icons in my terrain editor TerraBrush (and the looks of the pie menu). I like how it looks now! And of course, I had to make is customizable 🫣!

I'm almost done with it!


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Today we have a casual 4.x 3D tutorial, covering lighting. We cover topics like lights, global illumination, world environments, emissive textures and more. Let me know if you like this format.

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I do the VECTOR ART STREAM from Sunday to Thursday, inclusive, around 10:00 AM UTC! In general, I draw things in .

🔴 Come watch on :

📐 Entertain yourself to some chat, learn about making mascots, intricacies of design and vector graphics. 🎶 In the background, you can hear soothing music licensed under public domain or CC licenses with derivative clauses, to which I'll gladly provide sources.

Bilingual streaming. Most of the time, it's English - but let me know if you're into Russian: I'll keep communications in both languages.

vintprox OP , (edited )
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📐 Welcome to at 10:00 AM UTC!

🔴 https://tilvids.com/w/b3RAtp6XkVRpo28VEkqMGT

Metastream is underway: today, we'll dive deep into creating a Viewer Character for use in my further streams. In summary, idea is very similar to - little creatures spawn and roam around on the bottom of the screen, reminding of the viewers in chat.

But I have some nuances which I wish to cover with . 👾 It's smooth animations, and physics, and plugin support, and partial viewer authorization... Woah! More of that in the separate stream, but right now let's concentrate on the design part in .

📌 Latest work: https://techhub.social/@vintprox/112048194968362218

👋 Announcement and stream schedule can be found in the post above.

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Just came back from the Talk&Play session at the @HTW_Berlin 's DE:HIVE organised by @BerlinGameScene where I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity and showcase TippingPigs, a mini-learning game on tipping points and Pacific History I developed last year for and with @maltevogl - super nice experience meeting people, getting feedback and admiring other people's super impressive work! Interesting convos about games&humanities research and , too

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Discord is a cancer, bruh.

Someone asked a question on Discussions and someone else closed the discussion saying "(...) Questions can be asked through Discord 👍🏻".

For the love of god, stop using as a forum. The questions are undiscoverable.

vintprox , (edited )
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Unfortunately, , a real-time game development platform based on that strives for a full backwards convertability of assets and byproducts, potentially dashing Roblox competitor and developers of which contribute back to upstream, doesn't have an official room on and resorts to . It is rather weird for a product that wants you to own your data. Well, not conversation media, apparently.

A part of me wants to believe it's simply a desire for the network effect at early stages (product is in alpha) and that involved parties have weighed the trade-offs. Lack of communication on this department in their blog plants a seed of doubt in me, though. And it's a shame, really, because I genuinely want this thing grow. Why won't it allow itself to be loved, by reaching its hand to at least one forum or chat solution?

@dushman @CleoMenezesJr @hor32 @godotengine

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Moving FROM and TO the Unity Game Engine has gotten even easier with new support for glTF and OpenUSD formats. I show how easy it is to export a level to and


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I recently mentioned blurry text rendering in @godotengine vs Unity using TextMesh Pro and turns out, YES, this is fixable!

When importing a font, make sure to have Multichannel Signed distance Field (MSDF) enabled!
Pro Tip: If you're using outlines, increase MSDF Pixel Range to 2x of your outline size.

Read more here: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/tutorials/ui/gui_using_fonts.html#doc-using-fonts-msdf


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Parece que @godot @godotengine sigue calando entre los desarrolladores. Ahora un proyecto que viene de mano de gente my seria del :

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Introducing the new Forum 🎉

For the last couple of months, our Q&A platform has been in read-only mode. Now it has been superseded by our new and more powerful forum!

@WinstonYallow wrote about it in our blog:

mac OP , to Godot in Slay the Spire Developer Mega Crit Becomes a Godot Gold Sponsor
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Image Transcription: Twitter

Mega Crit, @MegaCrit

We’re proud to support a free, open source engine like Godot so that devs everywhere have an accessible yet powerful option to create their projects with 💙

Our team has learned a lot while migrating our next game to Godot and we’re so exited to show off its power

Godot Engine, @godotengine

Shuffle your deck and hit the dance floor - @MegaCrit is now a Gold Sponsor! 💃 🕺 A huge thank you for your support! megacrit.com

I am a human volunteer who transcribes posts to improve accessibility on programming.dev and you could be one too! !transcribing

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The first public announced of the was in January 2014.

Today we look back at the evolution of the Godot game engine from the very beginning to the present day.


Brodie Robertson w/ Emilio Coppola from Godot Foundation | Tech Over Tea #188 ( www.youtube.com )

In this episode of Tech Over Tea podcast, @BrodieOnLinux has invited Emilio Coppola, Godot Foundation Executive Director. We're in for the good @godotengine time. Tune in, fetch some drink and have a good hear!...

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Our last Somnipathy Screenshot Saturday

7 friends, 1.5 years, $0 budget. Did we and right?

us if you haven't or check us out on release this Tuesday!


Couldn't have done it without so many, really feeling it right now.


The inventory in the coffeeshop
Aggy getting hurt by the Creeper!
Aggy is bound way over her head!

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Somnipathy Screenshot Saturday - 8/25/23

Only a few more left! September 12th is fast approaching. What craziness is this! 'Final' polish is being applied, and 'final testing' also continues, but art is never done is it? You just stop, step away, and wonder.

Boy will I have some post mortems to write up about all this...



Aggy dances while lampcat mocks her.
Aggy sees a figure she'd rather soon forget.
Aggy stands against 2 strange monsters near a blue cube.

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