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Don't do this, people. It helps no one and if anything pushes people away from our community.

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So , the open source software, is going on an indefinite hiatus due to the lead developer, @youwin having a change in priorities in his life
(Source: Vpuppr Discord server)

If you are a developer familiar with looking for a new project, please look into forking Vpuppr as it is one of the VERY few open source tools for Vtubers.


I really feel like the reddit Godot community just sucks ass.

There’s so much negativity and fighting and shit talking in the comments over there. It’s like some people have a personal goal of making others look stupid in comparison to themselves and they just try as hard as possible to rub it in if they know something you don’t....

CodexArcanum , to Godot in I really feel like the reddit Godot community just sucks ass.

Everytime i revisit reddit for any reason I’m blown away by how toxic everything has gotten.

I do hope communities here pick up more. I had a fairly successful Mastodon post gathering up Godot devs. If you’re also on there, you might follow some of these folks and cross post questions/announcements there. Using on Masto helps a lot with discoverability as well.


Brodie Robertson w/ Emilio Coppola from Godot Foundation | Tech Over Tea #188 ( www.youtube.com )

In this episode of Tech Over Tea podcast, @BrodieOnLinux has invited Emilio Coppola, Godot Foundation Executive Director. We're in for the good @godotengine time. Tune in, fetch some drink and have a good hear!...

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@Smorty @mac I have been wondering this non-stop since I found out uses C#!

I know the idea that C++ is the end-all-be-all is an oversimplification at best, but It's still a decision I'd like to know more about.

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