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My peas germinated! @gardening
I tugged on this sprout, thinking it was a piece of grass, and the bush pea was firmly rooted to the ground!

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Buds on the crooked cherry. Few years ago, it self seeded up the middle of choisa. The current main trunk grew parallel to the ground, then sent up a vertical branch for sun. When rescued, it grew in a Z shape until last year, when it self pruned the once vertical sun seeking branch. It lost more than half its height for this less crooked structure, but seems to be very healthy. Lovely, lovely little tree. @gardening

Outside daytime. Same tree from further back which shows a stumpy main trunk half as tall as the side branches are wide. The soil at the base of the tree is covered in heart shaped cyclamen leaves which are variegated in shades of green.

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and people, what server are yall on?

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@Pythia I'm on octodon! But mostly I follow @gardening and to find more gardening things!

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My spring bulbs weren't stored correctly when we moved, leaving them in a jumble. This autumn, I separated as best I could (which was a truly pathetic effort) then planted them in the new garden. Now they're coming up, surprises everywhere. Just love it! @gardening

Outside, day time. Several blades coming up through gravel, mostly tulip, but also an unknown allium bud.

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I love dead nettle. Something for the bugs until the rest comes into bloom. @gardening

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@dnc what a question. I have lived on the same acre for 34 years. It was graded when we started and there was no bush, tree or plant when we started.

At first we imposed our will upon the land. Later we listened to the land. We have lots of native trees now including over 20 live oaks. All but 1 or 2 planted by wildlife. We watched where the drainage wanted to go and built a dry pond and rain water swales. We morphoed over time into a nature sanctuary.

So the bottom line is experiment, but listen. Nature we tell you, sometimes what you don't want to hear. Gophers will have their say. No matter how many cages and screening you use. @gardening

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We've (more or less) finalized our 2024 product list. I know that most of y'all are out of our delivery area, but you may still find it interesting.


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Wow, for the 1st time in 15 years I'm going to have to buy garlic. Usually I grow enough for our household for the year, plus some to give away. However, coz of moving & stuff, last seasons garlic was grown in pots, & it was less cloves sown & they were much smaller than I usually harvest.

Am glad I've got my garlic in beds this season, so should hopefully not be in this position next year.

Look at all those green shoots!


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Hump Day camellia. @gardening

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Tomatoes -

I've been having problems indoors with fungus gnats & I don't have a grow light or heating mat.

Should I bother trying to start seeds indoors this year?


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I finally got my "Garlic is Weird" posting moved over to the blog.


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Rainy Sunday. @gardening

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I am a and in western . Started out in —ended up . Fascinated by the way different landscapes change how I feel and experience the world. I believe we all need more insects in our lives.

Originally from . . Hate noise pollution. Big fan of old well-told. Fell in love with first, then , then . My love-hate relationship with goes in 5-year cycles.

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