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ANNOUNCEMENT: The world's first general purpose server is here!

With great excitement, is open for registrations!

Akkomane is an alternative to and that provides incredible stability with a beautiful and futuristic Twitter-like front-end for the .

I have launched to demonstrate this software's unique capabilities.

Currently, I'm capping memberships to 20 people (not bots). While membership preference is given to those who'd like to build and maintain an Akkomane server, everyone is welcome to apply! More membership slots will be available in the coming weeks.

To sign up for, visit here:


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This is not the point. The point is goes beyond rivalry between people. There's no meaning to exclude some people when the value is the source code.

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Let's take a moment to appreciate . It ensures that our freedom to use, study, share & improve software is preserved. Remember, control over our computing matters.

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"Proprietary software like Windows is fundamentally insecure not because of Microsoft's privacy policies but because its code is hidden from the very users whose interests it is supposed to secure. A lock on your own house to which you do not have the master key is not a security system, it is a jail." John Sullivan

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Also, it is interesting to observe the strong reaction by so many to this exploitation of the supply chain. Of course, it shows a weakness in the model of trust for maintainership. There are big questions to answer. What if this had not been stopped as early as it was? What if it breached ?

Yet at the same time, the most practical way this could have been discovered is the way. Someone was literally testing a database and said "huh this is odd."

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Last week to propose a session for @drupal

Home | Drupal Iberia 2024

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New on // DrupalCamp Cemaes by Jeni Tehan, Delicious Creative on 08 June 2024 in David Hughes Village Hall in , Kingdom


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Redis changed to dual license. I'm migrating to Dragonfly! Even if I'm not personally hit by this, it's not longer truly open-source, so I exit Redis. Moreover, Dragonfly is also much more performant.

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How it started: "This change has zero effect on the Redis core license, which is and will always be licensed under the 3-Clause-BSD."

How it's going: "Beginning today, all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Starting with Redis 7.4, Redis will be dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and Server Side Public License (SSPLv1)."

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"Today, the Linux Foundation announced its intent to form Valkey, an open source alternative to the Redis in-memory, NoSQL data store.
At the Linux Foundation, Valkey will follow an open governance model, remaining community-driven and welcoming of all users and contributors."

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Spread the word: is available as early access. It’s a new software for of such as , and others. OpenQDA is clear and easy to use, you can work together as a team in real time, extend everything via plugins - and it's and . Join our ! @zemki @sociology @communicationscholars @unibremen

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Today Medea Benjamin spoke to lobbyists and profiteers of genocide at Capitol Hill, together with Code Pink.

How AIPAC replied in their own words to uncomfortable questions is telling so much more than Stanfords Prison Experiment data ever could, if accomplished.

Let's see if they and in effect US politicians, "democratic" (or not so much,) like and next generations stand for genocide...

Obviously, the fringe right autocratic and his zionist racist apartheid of Israel have benefits of Qui Bono, not US citizens, nor the population of Palestine.

isn't even registered as foreign agents while spending a budget of 100 Million dollars to bribe US politicians annually.
That's how easy it is to swing US votes in the interest of zionist Israel, and kind of a "anti-semitic conspiracy theory" for very well uneducated people, too. If this system ever was a Democracy is another question, but without a doubt it's not in a state of corruption like that.

If a computer is corrupted like that, it's wise to replace MS Windows. Better get rid of it's commercial tools and malicious routines with a Free GNU Operating System aka Linux. Sometimes it's necessary to replace an old harddisk with SSD, but each of those computers can run another decade with Free Software. That's good for our environment and what most of our gfkDSGN artists are working on.

The of was created with @inkscape , not . There is more fantastic software available for Free like @Krita @Blender @ardour @darktable @friction @kdenlive @OpenSCAD and so much more.

You'll see them in our tech toots. We at gfkDSGN don't just support , but , , , , , , and a Free @palestine of course, too. If You can accept that, Namaste, You are very welcome to follow us.

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Urge your representative to vote no on the “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act,” the ban bill.

We shouldn’t waste time on a law that will get thrown out for silencing the speech of millions of Americans.

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One way to get around this problem would be to mandate that all apps ( including TikTok ) be Open Source.

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I do the VECTOR ART STREAM from Sunday to Thursday, inclusive, around 10:00 AM UTC! In general, I draw things in .

🔴 Come watch on :

📐 Entertain yourself to some chat, learn about making mascots, intricacies of design and vector graphics. 🎶 In the background, you can hear soothing music licensed under public domain or CC licenses with derivative clauses, to which I'll gladly provide sources.

Bilingual streaming. Most of the time, it's English - but let me know if you're into Russian: I'll keep communications in both languages.

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Thank you, my dear 4 viewers on , for coming today to . I had a nice space casually explaining what I work with and it didn't feel as intense as it did in lieu of any viewers at all. Letting your tongue out is kinda refreshing - both mother tongue and English! 🤪

Not only did I have time for , there was some for as well. These are all nice packages that work together well. There is an important distinction between graphics production and layout, and I hope I helped you figure it out.

My channel offers educational value, all the while giving it a sense of lighthearted entertainment. It can be anything: my struggles, joy, your audio experience, wisdoms... For stream schedule and other details, read 🧵

Here comes a Viewer Character that I was doing on stream today. There is more work on it, but let it shine your rest of the day and come tomorrow for more!

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💡 Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as ?

If it is public money, it should be public code as well.

Help us to share this message! And do not forget to 🖋️ sign our open letter: “Public Money? Public Code!”

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📣 Once more for the people in the back.

:opensource: software is a public good.

👥 Open Source communities are common pool resources.

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“We turned the battlefield into a public park, and people from all walks of life and every part of the world came to that park and planted a garden. It was a true Commons, open to all, carefully tended. In a world of selfishness, greed, belligerence and enmity, the Commons was a beacon of civilization.”

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For all newbies out there who are in search of sounds for their or , here's a a handy on how to find the correct sounds on

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    Was working today on kind of an entry piece for Community Design Team: a logo and new mascot for (special type of container).

    His name is Bootseef and he's ready to fly through updates! 🚀🚀 Thanks to Madeline Peck and Design Team for the sketches, sources and color choices that inspired me. 👋 I enjoyed doing this particular mascot the most. and have lots of work on their plate, so I invite aspiring and designers by trade to have a looksie-look in their GitLab issues. @fedora has engineering and other teams worth their gold, making software great, as well.

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    Remember to share positive posts, memes, etc. about open source things you use and like. A simple “I like this” or “thanks for working on this” can go a long way!

    Happy people carry on using things quietly while negativity gets shared, memed, and shoved in front of folks who work on your favorite projects. One negative comment too often outweighs ten positive ones, because human brains are dumb.

    Spread positivity, save someone from burnout.

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    Mobile-Friendly-Firefox Updates:

    End of the year features & fixes!

    • Modified userContent.css:

      • set page background color to match fenix_colors.css, fenix_one.css, and fenix_one-alt.css
    • Modified fenix_colors.css, fenix_one.css, and fenix_one-alt.css:

      • optimized colors to better support styles that do not hide the tab bar: desktop and mobile styles, as well as all styles while using larger screen (lapdock, monitor, or tv) including laptop and desktop computers
    • Modified

      • optimized logic: only attempt to create backup on first run of script
      • added new user selection option for applying recommended preferences to user.js
      • fixed typo preventing dynamic_popups_max.css from being applied
    • Modified

      • optimized logic: only continue with uninstall if at least one chrome directory has been located in selected browser profiles
      • added logic to remove added preferences from user.js if present
    • Modified

      • added note to pre-install section about applying recommended preferences with script

    user0 , to Linux Phones avatar
    user0 , to Linux Phones avatar

    Mobile-Friendly-Firefox Updates:

    • Added new user selection options into script:

      • Two Nav Bar color options for Fenix theme (Default Gray & Private Browsing Purple)
      • Two icon options for Unified Extensions button (Fenix theme)
      • Hide/Show Unified Extensions button (all styles & themes)
      • Hide/Show Tab Manager button (Destop style)
    • Fixed implementation of all dynamic_popups files:

      • Modified script and userChrome styles to move all dynamic_popups options to the bottom where they belong
      • Dynamic popups will now look much better

    user0 , to Linux Phones avatar


    (Technically, this is a modified mirror, since Codeberg does not support forking non-Codeberg git repos)

    I'll try to keep changes in sync between my Mobile-Friendly-Firefox and my mobile-config-firefox repos.

    user0 , to Linux Phones avatar

    Major Update:

    • Added to install and uninstall scripts

      • Support for Librewolf, Mullvad, and Tor browsers

    I have not tested Mobile-Friendly-Firefox with these browsers yet, as I am waiting for official arm64 releases before installing them onto my Librem 5. While I think that everything should work, anyone can share issues here on the fediverse, on my Mobile-Friendly-Firefox repo, or on my forum thread. I'll try to check all three from time to time so I don't miss anything.

    Minor Update:

    • Added to install and uninstall scripts

      • Support for Librewolf flatpak

    I have tested and confirmed that it works perfectly.

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