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New on // DrupalCamp Cemaes by Jeni Tehan, Delicious Creative on 08 June 2024 in David Hughes Village Hall in , Kingdom


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Was working today on kind of an entry piece for Community Design Team: a logo and new mascot for (special type of container).

His name is Bootseef and he's ready to fly through updates! 🚀🚀 Thanks to Madeline Peck and Design Team for the sketches, sources and color choices that inspired me. 👋 I enjoyed doing this particular mascot the most. and have lots of work on their plate, so I invite aspiring and designers by trade to have a looksie-look in their GitLab issues. @fedora has engineering and other teams worth their gold, making software great, as well.

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    Hello, world! 👋 It’s your friendly neighborhood Linux app store here on the Fediverse! Check our profile, we’re verified. 😎

    Speaking of which… if you’re an app developer and want to get your app verified on Flathub, check the docs! If you need any help, give us a shout here.

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    Remember to share positive posts, memes, etc. about open source things you use and like. A simple “I like this” or “thanks for working on this” can go a long way!

    Happy people carry on using things quietly while negativity gets shared, memed, and shoved in front of folks who work on your favorite projects. One negative comment too often outweighs ten positive ones, because human brains are dumb.

    Spread positivity, save someone from burnout.

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    Merry Christmas from the LabPlot team! 🎅 🎄

    @opensource @kde

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    23.08.4 comes with a safeguard when working with variable framerate footage and fixes time remapping and subtitling issues. This version also brings back audio stem export support, which allows to render audio tracks as separate files.

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    Estou eu ficando mais radical com o tempo? Talvez. Cada dia que passa parece que eu me torno mais e mais resistente a por qualquer investimento de tempo em aprender novas ferramentas de software que não sejam livres. Não tenho vontade de ensinar ninguém a usar software que não seja livre. Não tenho vontade de divulgar/compartilhar resultados de softwares proprietários, por mais encantadores que sejam, pois eles não vão poder ser reproduzidos pelas pessoas que não tem acesso... Às vezes me parece meio ranzinza isso. Mas aí vejo o que é feito com , , , , , , , , , e penso, nossa, tamanho é o potencial criativo dessas ferramentas livres! Vamos apoiar o

    deleteyourinsta OP , to Google Pixel in my pixel 4 crashes if I play an audio

    it is also if I play a podcast trough the speakers with . one of my often used apps btw. an excelent product and .

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    Just listened to a very interesting talk on Linux & IBM, excavating the corporate underwriting of development, by Davide Carpano at UCSD Science Studies. This is a published companion piece, "Chromium as a tool of logistical power: A material political economy of open-source"

    @sts @communicationscholars

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    > Just as GitHub was founded on Git, today we are re-founded on Copilot. 🤖 See how GitHub’s AI-powered platform vision evolved into a new reality for the world’s developers, and find out everything we announced at this year’s .

    For years I've been saying that using Microsoft GitHub to host code is dangerous and would backfire. :blobcatcoffee:

    "But it's so convenient!" 🤣

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    Support to, run, copy, distribute, study and modify for on the with a boost and follows!

    • Snikket @snikket_im
      Easy-to-use privacy-friendly XMPP messaging platform.
    • Semaphore @semaphore
      Accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.
    • Pulsar Edit @pulsaredit
      Community-led Hyper-Hackable Text Editor.
    • AltStore @altstore
      A home for apps that push the boundaries of , no jailbreak required.

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    💻Mehr an durch den . Bundesbildungsministerin Stark-Watzinger betont, dass vom Digitalpakt immer mehr Schulen in ganz Deutschland profitieren:

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    @bmbf_bund Meint "Weniger Bürokratisch" weiterhin und allen Datenschutzbedenken zum Trotz zu nutzen? ODer endlich in der Schule?

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    Here's my favorite talk on - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley!

    It's about doing works as a agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

    📺 Watch on :
    📺 Watch on : @mairin

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