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To clarify -- the below feature lets you use the same credentials for PixelFed to create a new PixelFed account, importing your avatar, bio and followed accounts.


Apparently, it is possible to use one's Mastodon account to log into Pixelfed. Is it possible to do that with Bookwyrm and Peertube? I'd like to have a seamless login instead of having to create separate accounts for each service I want to use:


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I think i can speak for most Fedi admins when I say;

On the we care a lot more about (mental) health rather than keeping you on here as long as possible so with that said...

Take a break from your feed every now and then!

Go read a book, take a walk or play a game :ed_grin:

The Fediverse will be here when you'll get back❤️

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People are going to stare.
Make it worth their while.

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Why there is no and instance out there ?

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Bad book covers do such a disservice. For a pastime that exists mainly in the mind, an off-putting cover has the power to push away even the most literary of lovers. As much as I love books, when I want to buy a book, if the cover is terrible, I won’t. Books are works of art-starting with cover & ending with the story, & I want the whole, beautiful picture. 📚

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Today is my Mastodon anniversary! Happy 1 year in the Fediverse to me! 🥳

I'm glad to be here. Glad to be among so many birdwatchers, chattering academics, medievodons, histodons, and other awesome people doing awesome stuff.

Thank you to the creators and moderators of historians.social for creating this space.

@histodons @histodon @academicchatter @medievodons

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I've noticed that a lot of people on the aren't particularly welcoming to those who don't initially get it or have trouble with it. You'd think that if multiple people say they have trouble picking an instance, it might be a genuine barrier to entry that we need to consider when introducing them to the fediverse. But no, instead of suggesting an instance to get rid of that barrier everyone gives unhelpful advice like "just pick one" or "it's not that hard." We'd have a much easier time getting people on the fediverse if there weren't so many people with this attitude of "the fediverse is simple, and the people who don't get it are lazy and should try harder."

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A new episode of Dot Social, the first podcast about the open social web, is out! In it, Flipboard CEO @mike chats with ActivityPub co-author @evan about what the protocol unlocks for builders and entrepreneurs, how open-source social networks change our relationships to content and each other, and why any of this matters at all. Learn more and take a listen!


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One of the more challenging parts of my current book release is being ghosted by most readers, at least compared to my other books. So I’d like to turn to the and ask if there is anyone out there who would like to receive an ARC copy of my young adult book in exchange for a before it comes out next week? @bookstodon

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Can't state this clearly enough: I love the Fediverse. Nothing beats it. Thank you for being here. :bunhdheart:

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Hey, fellow (and ) :

I am working on my book about the fedi and would like to get a sense of what it costs to run your server per month.

Anyone willing to share numbers? (Feel free to do it via DM if you don't want it public). Please let me know your instance and how much it costs.

Boosts welcome!

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38 degrees.
Yesterday was good, but
today is about relaxing &

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I haven't followed the discussion in all details... but isn't the whole point of the that people can curate their own experiences rather than having their own timeline be determined by corporate algorithms?

And obviously, different users with different backgrounds have different perspectives and needs. Obviously, people - who represent a much smaller percentage of users of Mastodon than it is the case with, say, Twitter - have different perspective on what they need for curating block lists.

Thus, I think the concept behind TheBadSpace is sound. And if it doesn't work out in practice, then I hope that other BIPOC Mastodon users come up with their own systems.

But "one size fits all" lists for defederation are not and will never be sufficient. We desperately need different perspectives if we are to grow, and hopefully supplant corporate social media.

And supplanting corporate social media should be the goal, since they are all riling people up against each other for the sake of "engagement". We are already seeing where this leads.

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This was a truly masterful collection from @FediFollows

Thanks for all your hard work and making me hopeful about Mastodon and the wider Fediverse!



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I have been feeling crock for a few weeks, I have done the antibiotics / steroids thing and I am feeling as rough as a Badgers arse. I thought that I would try the stuff that was shoveled down my throat as a kid, I couldn't find any and my wife suggested these 2 alternatives. I am pleased to say that I am feeling some improvement.

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Miło nam poinformować, że na nowo utworzonej stronie wsparcia największej światowej instancji /Kbin - czyli .social - znaleźliśmy się w doborowym towarzystwie wśród organizacji wspierających projekt 👍

Dziękujemy @ernest za docenienie pracy Piotra @piotrsikora i wsparcia naszej Fundacji 👏

Zapraszamy również Was do wspierania tego polskiego projektu w , który zdobył ogromne międzynarodowe uznanie:


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Hi @maegul, I just wanted to let you know. It's not perfect yet, but it's something I'll be working on in the coming months after the first release. Thanks for pointing it out, it's a relatively simple change, but it makes a significant difference in the overall experience.


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I want to be able to add hashtags when I create a post, either through a field (like title, body, etc) or directly in the body of my post like everywhere else on the . This doesn't require any extra moderation, its compatible with the rest of the fediverse, and would increase discoverability.

Thats just the reality, complaining wont change anything.

I was venting a frustration with a fellow user, which is perfectly reasonable. And clearly, there's a chance it could change something, because it got your attention and made you jump in.

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📣 Techy fans!

The alpha version of @gotosocial now has support for allowlists.

Allowlists automatically prevent federation with all other servers, except those that the admin has added to their allowlist. (Traditional blocklists work the other way round, allowing all federation unless a server is blocked.)

Allowlists bring more safety but also reduce reach, and that's why it's up to each admin to decide whether to use them.

More about at:

➡️ https://docs.gotosocial.org/en/latest/

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Our CEO, @mike just launched a new podcast series titled "Dot Social" to explore the evolution of the internet and how new open standards, like , can forever change the web and the world of social media.

Guests include:

More info & episode 1 at https://about.flipboard.com/inside-flipboard/dot-social-mike-mccue-hosts-podcast-about-the-future-of-social-media/

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Explore our article: You say you want a revolution: help the free, fair, and friendly Fediverse destroy Big Social. https://symfonystation.mobileatom.net/Fediverse :fediverse: :mastodon: #/kbin

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Actually, you tagged this post with in the creation form. The hashtag added this way appears in the sidebar under the tags section. You can also tag within the content of the article like in a regular microblog post. You can find your thread here https://kbin.social/tag/fediverse ;) Tags page and tag filtering are another thing I'll be working on - currently, sometimes it's quicker to use the search function.

@Gamers_Mate @testing @pixiecata

ContentConsumer9999 , to privacy in Why Bluesky over sth like Activitypub?

Could you maybe give users the ability to exclude certain communities/hashtags? Some hashtags associated with communities like seem to be overused to the point that following it barely filters content.

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In case anyone is wondering if there is any engagement on here— this is the list of every book recommended after I asked if you’d share one book you enjoyed this year. You can scroll underneath the original post to see these, but I think seeing them all together shows the true awesomeness of the people on here.

Thanks for being pretty darn great ❤️

A continuation of the handwritten list of all the books recommended.

EllieK ,
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Can you link to the original post, please? I didn't bookmark it.


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