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Strongman rule is a fantasy.
Essential to it is the idea that a strongman will be your strongman.
He won't.
In a democracy, elected representatives listen to constituents.
We take this for granted, and imagine that a dictator would owe us something.
But the vote you cast for him affirms your .
The whole point is that the strongman owes us .
We get abused and we get used to it.

Another illusion is that the strongman will unite the nation.
But an aspiring dictator will always claim that some belong and others don't.
He will define one group after another as the enemy.
This might feel good, so long as you feel that you are on the right side of the line.
But now is the essence of life.
The politics of us-and-them, once begun, never ends.

We dream that a strongman will let us focus on America.
But dictatorship opens our country to the worst the world has to offer.
An American strongman will measure himself by the and of other dictators.
He will befriend them and compete with them.
From them he will learn new ways to and to his own people.

At least, the fantasy goes, the strongman will get things done.
But dictatorial power today is not about achieving anything positive.
It is about anyone else from achieving anything.
The strongman is really the weak man: his secret is that he makes everyone else .

Unaccountable to the law and to voters, the dictator has no reason to consider anything beyond his own personal interests.
In the twenty-first century, those are simple: 👉 dying in bed as a billionaire.
To himself and to stay out of , the strongman dismantles the justice system and replaces civil servants with loyalists.

Malicious Contributions: Abridged

Let this thread act as a table of contents for the software contributions found to be malicious or done in ill intent. With every story that you send in the comments, I will add a respective entry to the list in chronological order. Each entry in the chronology will show the date and the appropriate name, linking to your...

Is it a good contribution or a bad one? One likes your software, another will inevitably ruin it.
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