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Anyone got running on ?

I tried both from Fedora Flatpaks and Flathub, one at a time. I planted game files in user directory, as suggested by some video guide. I made a shortcut to Undertale Yellow.exe and have run it. Task manager shows that and game executable are running, only to disappear in another second. Game never opens.

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So, alternatively, you can make and run on Linux with the help of open source launcher.

It creates a environment in the game's directory that actually helps run the game, unlike out-of-the-box system Wine installation. 🤔 No need for compatibility there.

Kris, where the hell ARE WE?

Susie, we're on Kbin and it's dRBB magazine for devRant fellows that anyone can fill with software and other swag.

"Kris, where the hell are we?" - says Susie, while holding Kbin folder and sternly looking at Kris with suspicion. Text in center reads "dRBB", meaning "dR Bulletin Board". Duck is smiling.
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