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Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant - Inventories of Chant Sources | Cantus Manuscript Database

"Cantus is a database of the Latin chants found in manuscripts and early printed books, primarily from medieval Europe. This searchable digital archive holds inventories of antiphoners and breviaries -- the main sources for the music sung in the Latin liturgical Office -- as well as graduals and other sources for music of the Mass."

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"This article offers the following 11 quick tips that researchers can follow to more effectively and precisely discover data that meet their specific needs."

Gregory K, Khalsa SJ, Michener WK, Psomopoulos FE, de Waard A, et al. (2018) Eleven quick tips for finding research data. PLOS Computational Biology 14(4): e1006038. @science @data

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