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The Family That Helped Us Investigate How a University Displaced a Community

A longtime resident of the Shoe Lane area in chronicled the life of his community as it was demolished by Christopher Newport University.

His photographs helped a reporter seek .

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We had a lot of fun and very productive groups at the @hackergarten event last night! Thanks a lot for everyone attending, looking forward to the next edition we already started to plan for :D

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We are very pleased to announce Ralf Westphal as Keynote speaker at . Ralf is trainer, consultant and co-founder of the Clean Code Developer Initiative. He focuses on sustainably high productivity for software development and future-oriented team organisation.

With this announcement, we also started ticket sales. From today on, Blind Bird Tickets are available for a limited time. Visit our website and secure your spot today.

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You know what would be great on Fediverse? If we could get an app that automatically makes known hashtags formatted in or for easier viewing.

Now, I would develop that if I had a shred of knowledge beyond Hello World.

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The session selections at Ghent have been made. If you submitted a session, be sure to check your inbox! 📥
Remember to also take a look in your Spam folder for any notifications. 📁

📆 Checkout the schedule at


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Tfw the coffee makes you go "oh that is good coffee"

ClaireFromClare , avatar

@shoofle … & to allow oneself to be infected by small joys while supporting diverse workplaces & supply chains, human scale, flexibility & resilience? Please don’t discourage me from believing in the transformative potential of !
& the possibility to inspire even after closure… reflecting today on & the affection & it developed in :

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Really great ideas for this year's contest about the importance of connectedness for teens and their communities. Can't wait to see - and share the games!

We're thrilled to have a wonderful group representing Asia, Europe, and North America as Finalists.


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    We have just published a new
    @hackergarten Event in :

    It´s on April, 18th - looking forward to hack with you :D

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    Software testing is often perceived as a time-consuming and sometimes unnecessary step in the process. However, what if the real waste of time isn’t the act of testing itself but how we approach it?

    François Martin published his thoughts about why testing is sometimes considered a waste of time, the inefficiencies of common testing practices, and strategies for efficient testing on our 👉

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    Spread the word: is available as early access. It’s a new software for of such as , and others. OpenQDA is clear and easy to use, you can work together as a team in real time, extend everything via plugins - and it's and . Join our ! @zemki @sociology @communicationscholars @unibremen

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    📣 Once more for the people in the back.

    :opensource: software is a public good.

    👥 Open Source communities are common pool resources.

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    Do you already know our ? experts regularly post new articles about , and topics. 🔥

    The latest article by @madmas covers different use cases and the advantages of using CI. 👇🏻

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    We just scheduled the Spring Hackergarten for March in at the evening of March 6th in the @karakun HQ office

    Join us, all details at


    cc/ @aalmiray @george @hackergarten @l33tname @McPringle

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    Fedora Docs monthly workshop today presented by Justin Flory @jwf , Fedora Community Architect, provided us wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience on Documentation.

    Thanks all for joining. I'll upload recorded footage by 2 March on PeerTube channel.

    See you next month on the last Thursday of March. I will share the link soon here in Mastodon.


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    Today marks 7 months since I made the BSD Cafe public. These days, I'm quite busy and don't have much time to dedicate, but when I want to relax in the evening, I open one of the interaction tools and see wonderful people, great conversations, and interesting topics. I just want to say thank you to you, friends who are part of the BSD Cafe, and to all of you, friends of the BSD Cafe.

    hankuoffroad , to Random avatar

    Fedora Docs team runs monthly writing workshop on Thursday 22 Feb UTC 20:00-21:00. 🎉

    Hosts of workshop are Justin Flory and Dr. Peter Boy.

    Join us on the Fedora Chat (Matrix) by clicking 'Join Conference' 🎙️

    Fedora Documentation Room is open to a Matrix account from any homeserver.

    @matrix @fedora

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    1. Grateful for this community, it's helping me a lot with my grief to post my writing on here.

    2. Grateful for encouragement. It really helps to feel supported and seen.

    3. Grateful for farmers who are ethically growing their food and feeding me. Thank you for keeping me healthy!

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    I'm trying to sign up for men's here in to placate my busy wife. While she was away, I made this cheese omelette; beginner's luck! A center has me on a waiting list, or I could spill for more upscale lessons. It is astonishing and unJapanese that single-person are approaching 40%. of all ages have a poor , which exacerbates the gap with . is also a hazard. Many men are , never , or their them, often after the children become independent and the husband is useless around the house after a busy career. Single men, or married men interested in cooking or helping their wives, possibly fearing their wives' pent-up anger, can find as well as in cooking lessons. Men's classes start from zero; women and .


    @psychology @sociology

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    Hi Fediverse! Hi Mastodon! Hi ! Nice to e-meet you. 😉

    For those of you who don't know us yet: We are a company and recently moved from Twitter to our new appearance here. You can expect software and related content, news regarding community events like conferences (e.g. @Baselone) or @Hackergarten, announcements of articles published on our Developer Hub, news about our lives in an outstanding company and much more.

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    TIL about another community on Slack who is now being asked to pay thousands to preserve basic functionality 😬

    Proprietary tools that offer a lot for free, without fail, will squeeze you. And unfortunately, because of their nature, a lot gets left behind when you inevitably migrate.

    When we select tools for our communities, we need to think over longer time horizons.

    FOSS options like Matrix for chat and Discourse for forums are the better bet.

    Beyond Nomadic Bubbles: Embracing the Heartbeat of Local Communities ( )

    The siren song of the digital nomad life is undeniable: trading cubicles for cafes, exchanging rush hour commutes for sunset strolls, and carving a career path across breathtaking landscapes. But amidst the wanderlust and exotic experiences, a crucial question arises: how do we, as remote workers, foster genuine connections with...

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    From today, Meetup users from outside Norway can RSVP to my online events. Our first one is our live podcast recording Monday. As always, feel free to reach out if you want to organize a local event with me this year. Either in Norway or closer to home. -

    @consciousliving @meditation

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    Signs of Hope
    Messages From Subway Therapy

    A deeply moving and inspiring collection of notes from the most expressive wall in the world.
    In the days and weeks after the 2016 presidential election, Matthew Chavez showed up in the subway with stacks of brightly colored sticky notes. "Express yourself," he told passersby. The response was electric. Chavez turned an underground maze into a communal art space known as Subway Therapy.


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