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Reader/writer question: In fiction what are some of your favorite worldbuilding details, the kind of thing you think is underused and underrated?

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If I could yell a rave review from the rooftops it would probably be about Roy Mottahedeh's "Mantle of the Prophet." It's both a personal biography of a and a general history of ancient and modern.

I don't know how Mottahedeh achieved the intense level of detail in his physical descriptions. He himself did not grow up or spend a ton of time in Iran. And his primary biographical subject was speaking to him as a middle-aged man, with childhood memories decades in the past. But I believe he relayed the personal account honestly, without fabrication, and the same goes for his interview subjects.

I bought a copy nearly 40 years ago and my blinkered USian twentysomething brain couldn't get past go with it. This despite several Islamic history courses which I'd enjoyed immensely, including a seminar on .

58 year old me is relishing every word. Probably helps to be .

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Been thoroughly enjoying @HG101's “Arcade Cult Classics”❗

The coverage is fantastic. Blown away by how many of these I haven’t got around to playing.

The backlog grows 🎮


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HORRORS BOTH HUMAN AND SUPERNATURAL roll out with a relentless, breathtaking pace in this final installment of the Indian Lake Trilogy. As ever, Stephen Graham Jones’s deft characterization and vivid sense of place drive the chill deep. B PLUS


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If you're in Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend, come see all the great live bands...AND most of all, come see me read from my historical novel, Anywhere But Schuylkill. I'll be on the ticket with several other great writers, including Billy Bragg, and my good friend James Tracy.


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    Who remembers Mr. Men !?

    Well, in 2021, a fun cross-over with saw the release of 3 books:

    🔹 Mister Ezio
    🔹 Little Miss Kassandra
    🔹 Little Miss Eivor

    Who else would you like to see join the lineup❓


    The French book cover of Mme. Kassandra
    The French book cover of Mme. Eivor

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    Decoding Ulysses: How Joyce Published The Novel of the Century + How To Read It

    "A brief history of the mess James Joyce had to put up with to publish Ulysses and how to read the text without losing your mind ft. Prof. Rónán McDonald, The Gerry Higgins Chair of Irish Studies."


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    Seeing Dante’s Commedia in Print from the Renaissance to Today

    "An intensely envisioned journey through the three realms of the Christian afterlife (Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise), Dante’s poem, written in the early 1300s, was the subject of vivid illustrations from its earliest circulation and, when book making transitioned into the new medium of print in the late 1400s, Dante’s poem became the source of inspiration for new visual traditions."


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    How 100-Year-Old Books Are Professionally Restored | Restoration

    "The delicate and intricate restoration process of a very old book."


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    My is brief/won't spoil, to spread good, great, & spectacular far & wide.

    The family trauma that pervades THE DAY OF THE DOOR is horrifying enough, but coupled with the intensely creepy events that occur, this story encapsulates "HORROR" in a masterful, terrifying way. Laurel Hightower has written a beautifully dark story about the Things that haunt our hearts. (Ghoulish Books)

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    Kathleen Hanna Reveals the Story of Her Life in ‘Rebel Girl’ - The New York Times

    '“I keep trying to make my rapes funny, but I have to stop doing that because they aren’t,” she writes in the book, which comes out on May 14.'


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    Today's review!

    Under His Name by M.A. Grant:

    "This is the first time I've read something by M.A. Grant. I was thoroughly entertained with this very well-written story. The plot is solid, filled with suspense, excitement, fast-paced action, danger, humor and romance."

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    If you wanted to buy a Pluto Book anyway, this week they donate 30% of all money* to Medical Aid Palestine.

    "Any full-priced book, ebook or audiobook bought on between 12:00am BST 22nd April 2024 and 11.59 BST 29th April 2024 is eligible. Please note this does not include any orders where a discount code has been applied, or the book’s price is already discounted. Pre-orders for books published in the future are also not eligible.

    Pluto will donate 30% of all money taken on these eligible orders (*excluding tax and shipping) to MAP – Medical Aid for Palestinians as soon as possible after the drive has ended."

    To donate directly to Medical Aid Palestine:


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    THE HOUSE OF NIRE by Kita Morio

    This one took me extraordinarily long. Felt like DNF at times, but I always went on in the end. Well worth it. The first half of the 20th century in from a less frequent perspective.

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    Who Goes There ? A bad thing !

    I've read Campbell's novella which inspired Carpenter's 1982 movie "The Thing". A classic and a founding story for a genre IMHO.

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    AN ASPIRING THIEF OF MAGICAL jewels falls into a series of predicaments that leave her responsible for stopping a murder before it happens. Charming fantasy mystery with plenty of wit and action. B PLUS


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    Do you keep a record of how many pages you in a day?


    attribution: Rijksmuseum, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:,_RP-P-2015-26-1764.jpg

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    New: Lisa Oliver's MM fantasy romance A Marriage of Necessity:

    I owe my mother everything.

    Jasper, the youngest Prince from Lowenthorp, had one driving need – to get away from the castle. After being abducted, abused, and having lost an eye, Jasper believed his only chance of keeping his Mother safe...

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    I bought some cheap highlighters yesterday for annotating purposes. I hope they do not bleed through the pages of the .


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    , it is time to get back to the .


    attribution: Rijksmuseum, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:,_RP-P-OB-55.341.jpg

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    Hey there!

    Looking for something new to read?

    Below the Heavens is a high fantasy indie book series inspired by East Asian mythology and culture.

    Available for free in webnovel form on RoyalRoad, via their webpage or mobile app, found in my bio!


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    THE CONQUISTADORES’ ARRIVAL, REIMAGINED in a playfully serious tale that darts as kaleidoscopically as a hummingbird between culture and culture and between the empires of past and present. Powerfully visual, sardonically witty. SOLID A


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