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We've immensely improved our encrypted Tuta Calendar recently. 📅

Would you like to see the as a separate

Please take a moment & share your opinion. Thank you! 😍 🙏

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This week I switched my Android phone from Tusky to @moshidon. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Suddenly the entering the fediverse is a real pleasure on the tram. ❤️

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The foundational tenet of "the Cult of Mac" is that buying products from a $3t company makes you a member of an oppressed ethnic minority and therefore every criticism of that corporation is an ethnic slur:



If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on pluralistic.net, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:



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    Among the apps that Apple also refuses to allow on Ios is third-party browsers. Every Iphone browser is just a reskinned version of Apple's Safari, running on the same antiquated, insecure Webkit browser engine. The fact that Webkit is incomplete and outdated is a feature, not a bug, because it lets Apple block web apps - apps delivered via browsers, rather than app stores:



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    Another characteristically brilliant Kashmir Hill story for The New York Times reveals another characteristically terrible fact about modern life: your car secretly records fine-grained telemetry about your driving and sells it to data-brokers, who sell it to insurers, who use it as a pretext to gouge you on premiums:



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    Eliminating competition doesn't just deprive customers of alternatives, it also empowers corporations. Liberated from "wasteful competition," companies in concentrated industries can extract massive profits. Think of how both Apple and Google have "competitively" arrived at the same 30% app tax on app sales and transactions, a rate that's more than 1,000% higher than the transaction fees extracted by the (bloated, price-gouging) credit-card sector:



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    @pluralistic you're gonna love this one, a wheelchair that uses extortionware (pay 300€ to unlock 8kph!) https://tech.lgbt/@umbraroze/112053751033766928

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    @huxley @pluralistic

    The Alber e-motion M25 power wheelchair paywalls much of its utility through its app.

    Upgrading your phone shouldn't cause you to lose functions.

    Had you paid for these options before?

    Did they paywall them when introducing a new version?


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    Unsere inklusive „Urformen. Eiszeitkunst zum Anfassen“ bietet nicht nur sehbeeinträchtigten Menschen einen Zugang. In unserer App haben wir gleich vier verschiedene Touren im Angebot:

    1. Audio-Tour 👂
    2. Audiodesriptive Tour 👂👁️
    3. Einfache Sprache 📖 👍
    4. Deutsche Gebärdensprache 👐

    Infos zur & zum Download:


    Ansicht in der App: zwei Kacheln für die Auswahl einer Tour zur Urfomen Ausstellung

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    Chewy7324 , to Linux in Opinions on the flathub metadata guidelines?

    Icon design and name guidelines are too strict. Many apps already on the store break them.

    • E.g. the 20 characters limit is to small for even two long words.
    • Or not allowing PascalCase, disallows many app names like LibreOffice.

    And app icons have to be "In line with contemporary styles", which is currently flat and simple design. Contemporary styles change all the time. If an app wants to look old, why not let them?


    Someone on the internet with their opinion on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYqYpbMY9vE

    Edit: Generally these guidelines are good and will improve the browsing experience on flathub. Hopefully they'll loosen some of those icon and naming restrictions.

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    Friends. I’m looking for an iOS developer to partner with me on a passion project. Something in support of the Fediverse/Mastodon.

    I think it will be a fun and challenging app to build. Something we can be proud of in support of this lovely ecosystem of social media.

    If you are or know someone who might be interested, I’d love to hear from you. I’m deep into design/UX already.

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    every time i see a megalodon fedi screenshot out in the wild, it reminds me that i need to make megalodon (look and feel) perfect. it's my responsibility /hj

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    @megalodon The way you can swipe quickly between your own lists is awesome. I got some positive reactions when showing this video clip on Discord. They didn't believe Mastodon could even look this good.


    FlorisBoard | FOSS keyboard that respects your privacy ( florisboard.org )

    I came across everyday topic on Techlore Discussions about free and open source keyboards for Android and discovered this little gem. It is FlorisBoard, a virtual keyboard for Android which respects privacy of the user. I can sigh with relief and finish my search for that singular keyboard for typing stuff on the go....

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    I still think there needs to be an OS-level way to see which of the I have installed are and which were installed from an like or the .

    are different from and apps are different from the that corpo app stores peddle.

    I need to manage these different kinds of apps differently.

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    About a week. I called it. Now my timeline on threads is sorted in a weird algorithmic way where the "top" posts showing are all from hours ago. Not even the replies are current. This sucks.

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