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Une collègue, mentore et amie, Andrée Lévesque, vient de faire paraître chez les Éditions du remue-ménage une monographie d'histoire que j'ai bien hâte à lire : Les filles de Jeanne : Histoires de vies anonymes, 1658-1915 @histodons

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Une collègue, mentore et amie, Andrée Lévesque, vient de faire paraître chez les Éditions du remue-ménage une monographie d'histoire que j'ai bien hâte à lire : Les filles de Jeanne : Histoires de vies anonymes, 1658-1915

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Laura Leroux-Revault (1872-1936) French artist & painter. Her first teacher was her father the painter Louis Hector Leroux. She later trained at the Académie Julian art school in Paris with Jules Lefebvre & in Jean-Jacques Henner's studio. She exhibited with the Société des Artistes Français & her work is held in public & private collections.
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    Who put the "Marie" in bain-Marie, the double boiler that's used in cooking and chemistry? Atlas Obscura's Andrew Coletti looks at the history of the tool, which may be named after a Jewish alchemist called Miriam, who lived around the year 300.


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    Between the 1920s and 1940s, hundreds of debutantes signed up to be horse-riding couriers for the Frontier Nursing Service, a network of nurse-midwives in rural mountains of Kentucky. Smithsonian Magazine tells the story of what they did, and why. "They got to wear pants, they got to act independently,” historian Melanie Beals Goan explains, adding that couriers were “really clinging to this idea of a nostalgic, isolated place where traditional American values continue to survive. Part of [the couriers’] adventure is the idea that they’re escaping from [parental] authority, but also that they’re going to go in back in time to this really quaint place.”


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    The United States Congress passed the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote in 1920. But 50 years before that, Louisa Ann Swain, a grandmother in Laramie, Wyoming, cast her ballot on the way to the bakery to buy yeast. The BBC explains who she was, how that happened, and why Swain wasn't actually the first female voter in the U.S.


    For more stories like this, follow @theculturedesk's Inspiring Women Magazine, @women-s-history-and-inspiring-

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    In honor of I decided to do a toot a day with the hashtag . Just because I love talking about books, and my favorite genre is (auto)biographies, memoirs, and journals of interesting women through the ages. And of course I want to see what you all have to add to the list 😊 📚📚📚

    Since I am a bit late, I'll be catching up for the first few days 😅


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    @TarkabarkaHolgy @bookstodon Not sure how easy this is to get a hold of, but The Women I Think about at Night: Traveling the Paths of My Heroes by Mia Kankimäki is one of my faves. Originally written in Finnish, but has been translated to e.g. Swedish, French German too.

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    Last week, we posted a Follow Friday about women historians on Mastodon and @gewam responded with an even bigger list. Here they are:

    @AndreaLoew — historian at the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich.
    @elizabethward — Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellow at the Universität Leipzig

    @AnkeFK —historian of war and violence with a passion for present and future peace

    @christinkallama — researching nation and Holy Roman Empire in Renaissance Germany

    @davi_cath — historian based in Zurich and Berlin

    @dorotheegoetze — specialist in early modern history

    @efdavies — historian of East (central) European history

    @histoftech — specialist in history of technology

    @kawulf — historian of early America, director & librarian of the John Carter Brown Library

    @kerileighmerritt — Writer, historian and activist

    @KeuckT — lecturer in public history at the University of Bremen

    @LenaOetzel — specialist in early modern diplomacy

    @Lignedescience — specialist in technical and natural scientific heritage

    @MagdaTeter — historian, author

    @jojoweis — head of the research area Digital Literary and Cultural Studies at University of Trier

    @sonjdol — historian at Otto von Guericke University

    @mob — specialist in early modern history and digital humanities

    @spatial_history — professor of spatial history and culture at the University of Erfurt

    @ProfMSinha — president-elect 2024 of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, author
    @Mareike2405 — deputy director at @dhiparis
    @historleans — associate professor, author
    @historianess — associate professor of history at NYU


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    Am Internationalen erinnern wir daran, dass heute vor 40 Jahren das der deutschen eröffnet wurde. Mehr dazu:

    ▶️ Kerstin Wolff, Die Frauenbewegung zurück in die Geschichte schreiben. Das Archiv der deutschen Frauenbewegung in Kassel, 75/2018,


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    "Few documents that survive from Europe were written by women or even dictated by women. Those that do are often formulaic, full of legal and religious language. Yet the wills and censuses that survive, and which I study, open a window into their lives and minds, even if not produced by women’s hands. These documents suggest that medieval women had at least some form of empowerment to define their lives – and deaths."

    ClaireFromClare , avatar

    @yvonne Thanks for that interesting article by Prof Joëlle Rollo-Koster, which draws attention to the documentary treasures in store for a new generation of historians while perhaps understating the wealth of evidence accumulated by her own!

    The will of one famously independent woman in medieval England is available in the original French with translation & analysis on the resource page at


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    Original Tiffany lamps, with their dazzling insect and floral motifs, often fetch tens to hundreds of thousands at auction, and appear in the permanent collections of prestigious museums everywhere. But without one visionary artist, Clara Driscoll, and a group of overlooked artisans known as the Tiffany girls, these iconic Art Nouveau creations would never have existed. Smithsonian Magazine pays tribute to the female designers who remade the Tiffany brand.


    For more stories like this, follow @Smithsonianmag's Arts & Culture Magazine, @arts-culture-Smithsonianmag.

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    Alice Thornton was buried 1 February 1707. For the 317th anniversary of her burial, followed - on 13 February – by the 398th anniversary of her birth, we have a new post looking back at her life through items held at a variety of archives and libraries in England and Ireland. We hope you enjoy this run through Alice Thornton's life and its documentary traces.
    @histodons @histodon @litodons

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    We have a new most read post for 2023! Thank you for counting down to 2024 with Alice Thornton's Books, and we wish you a very Happy New Year. Our most read blog post is my 'A House Divided', about the Restoration of Charles II and a domestic quarrel. @litodons @histodons @histodon

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    We're down to our top two most read blog posts as we count down to 2024! Last year, my piece about finding two missing Alice Thornton manuscripts was in the very top spot. This year it's at number 2. Find out where the Alice Thornton's Books project all began.
    @bookhistodons @histodons @histodon @litstudies

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    Book serendipity at work - after recently reading a couple of books about the art and a Florentine bookseller of the Renaissance, two more books about the time, Meredith Kay's, and now there's 'Sofonisba, Portraits of the Soul' by Chiara Montani, another fascinating sounding book to add to my wishlist. Daily Art Magazine has a piece on it here:


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    "Why bother with all the history books, when their authors--being men who are envious of women's worthy deeds--do not talk about women's noble actions, but instead consign them to silence?" -- Lucrezia Marinella in 1601

    Meredith K. Ray's new book, 'Twenty-Five Women Who Shaped the Italian Renaissance', is a book I'd like to have the chance to read but the cost of the hardcover is eye-watering although the paperback is more reasonable. It looks like a particularly interesting addition to literature of that time and place.

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    Today is the feast of St John the Apostle, seen here with eagle and palm in the silver seal matrix of (the half-figure is 8mm high), & in the sumptuous Breviary of Marie de St Pol, best friend of the . 🧵 1/3

    📷 MS Dd.5.5 f.217v;


    St John in the silver matrix – beardless with a similar mop of hair, holding a spiky eagle and a palm branch.

    ClaireFromClare OP , avatar

    A stone carving of the 1359 seal, scaled up 20x for visibility, was unveiled at this year - celebrating the 50th anniversary of the admission of women to a college rescued by a woman more than six centuries ago! A booklet explains the ongoing relevance of her educational vision, and powerful imagery. 🧵 3/3

    Book cover, with an 18th century portrait of the Lady overlooking the medieval silver seal matrix and her figure outlined in stone at the initial stages of the new stone carving. The book title is 'The Clare College Seal & the making of the Seal Sculpture'.

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    So here is a question to the @bookstodon community: what is the best book you have read this year?

    stiofi , avatar

    @TarkabarkaHolgy @bookstodon I think it's got to be Michael Wood's The Story of China for me.

    It taught me a lot about a civilisation about which I should know more. And I liked his bringing of Chinese women's experiences to the fore.

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    While four autobiograpical accounts of Alice Thornton's (1626-1707) life exist, each one is different from the others as she changed the structure and rewrote events.

    @histodons @histodon @archivistodon @antiquidons @bookhistodons

    CordeliaBeattie OP , avatar

    If you are interested in learning more about the four Thornton manuscripts, see our page here:

    @histodons @histodon @archivistodon @antiquidons @bookhistodons

    CordeliaBeattie , to histodon group avatar

    Postdoc on the Alice Thornton's Books project, Dr Jo Edge, has blogged about some of the herbal remedies used and written about by Alice Thornton (1626-1707) for pain relief, fits and small pox.
    @histodons @histodon @litodons

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    Dine with the upper crust and save some bread while you're at it. Welcome to the Toast Sandwich 🥪

    Introduced in 1861 by the original food influencer, Isabella Beeton 🍞


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    Dawn Powell wrote novels, diaries and plays, was nominated for a National Book Award, and was feted by Hemingway. Then in 1965, she died her body was lost, and eventually, all her writing went out of print. NPR has the story of who she was, what happened to her, and how her friends and family have tried to unbury her work.


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