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🪨 Are you considering moving away from monolithic Drupal hosting and entering the realm of composable Drupal architecture? 🏗️

May we suggest you glance at our blog post about this topic? And, if you like what you see, maybe reach out to us to chat about how we can support you in your composable endeavors! 👓

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This morning, a VPS hosting a small e-commerce site (powered by WooCommerce on Ubuntu 22.04) experienced another out-of-memory issue. A colleague (one of the developers) urgently called me, asking to upgrade the VPS due to excessive load.

I pointed out (again, as has often happened in recent weeks) that a VPS with 32GB of RAM (!!!) and 16 dedicated cores (!!!) should not run out of memory with just five simultaneous visits to a small e-commerce site. We host much larger and busier websites on much smaller VPSs. There's likely a WordPress module with a leak, or some interaction between modules causing this issue.

The response: Okay, but just add more RAM and power to solve it.

The illusion of "infinite resources" in the Cloud has led to poor development habits. Sometimes I wonder how much energy and resources we waste (and pollution we generate) due to a lack of basic optimization.

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