yianiris , to linux in Snap store from Canonical (Ubuntu) hit with another crypto scam app
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Just last week I was arguing with a bunch of fan boys here about how that system prevents you from learning, how Debian is a tiny bit better, but with arch/based systems you both have a reliable daily runner and be able to learn as much as you can take.

The more you learn the more aggravating debians (mint-ubuntus) become, forcing their choices on you. Arch respects and rewards people who want to do it their way. They provide the blocks, you build your system.

@youngGoku @mr_MADAFAKA

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Something has changed in the Linux ecosystem and I am not liking the change.

At 1st, I thought it was Alpine Linux, but now I see it in Debian. --Why no love for network manager?!

I am glad the installer saved the username and password for the wireless router, but this computer

  1. Is not for here

  2. Will be used by someone unable to use the terminal

The solution seems simple enough. Install network manger. Except doing that, does nothing on the graphic interface. No see device or Wifi. 🙄

mdione ,
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@Linux_Is_Best you probably will have to be more explicit about your gripe. Here's what I understand about it:

You're used to NM's GTK applet. Latest installs the latest Desktop that does not use it anymore, but their own thing. I infer this because sometimes I use a coworker's Gnome (I use instead).

So you want your final user be able to configure the WiFi themselves, but you want them to use the tool you're used to use, instead the tool the desktop has?

Linux_Is_Best , to random
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I honestly have to get someone else to try this. -- But please note, I have an AMD GPU.

If running Ubuntu:

Follow the setup


After install, reboot to new Liquorix Kernel.

sudo apt purge inux-image-6.6.0-14-generic linux-modules-6.6.0-14-generic linux-modules-extra-6.6.0-14-generic

Adjust to whatever version you're using and repeat for any remaining.

sudo apt autoremove


Your system will now use fewer resources (freeing up both ram and cpu).

Linux_Is_Best , (edited ) to random
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Ubuntu works real good when you stop using their supplied kernel and micro code. 😂

Linux_Is_Best , (edited ) to random
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Ubuntu Budgie (Daily build) when trying to boot UEFI

/boot/ not found

That is new. 🤣

edit -- Same issue with Kubuntu

Linux_Is_Best OP ,
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I managed to install Kubuntu 24.04 (Developer) by 1st installing Kubuntu 23.10 and then upgrading to 24.04

I had to do it this way, since the ISO I burned to USB was oddly telling me it could not find /boot/ when booting from UEFI

Upgrading wasn't without issue either, since I am using Linux Kernel 6.5.x and not 6.6.x -- Ubuntu's kernel is not vanilla and they must have done something with it, because I can easily run Kernel 6.6, 6.7, and 6.8 (next) on Fedora

Linux_Is_Best OP ,
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... continued ...

To be more specific, Kubuntu's 6.6.x kernel caused a boot loop. I would see the UEFI Grub menu, select the latest version to boot, my display would cut out, and then my computer would reboot.

Falling back to kernel 6.5.x resolved this.

I suspect it is Ubuntu's rebuild of the kernel since as previously stated I have run Linux Kernel 6.6 before, including 6.7 and 6.8 (next) in both Fedora and Arch Linux without issue.

Linux_Is_Best OP , (edited )
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... continued ...

Here we can further validate that very concept, by installing and running Linux Kernel 6.6 but the spin provided by Liquorix, which works just fine.

Linux_Is_Best OP ,
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A follow-up....

If using Ubuntu or one of it's many spins, such as Kubuntu; install the Liquorix Kernel, but also purge the old kernels, which will also give you the option to...

sudo apt autoremove

...and this will remove some of the old Intel and Amd micro code and a few other things Ubuntu bundles

Removing micro code sounds scary, but honestly, my computer is working better, faster, using few resources, and I have fewer packages installed (I added PortMaster, Neofetch, and Htop)

h top showing my usage of virtually no cpu and only 1.29 gb ram

stefano , to tech
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This morning, a VPS hosting a small e-commerce site (powered by WooCommerce on Ubuntu 22.04) experienced another out-of-memory issue. A colleague (one of the developers) urgently called me, asking to upgrade the VPS due to excessive load.

I pointed out (again, as has often happened in recent weeks) that a VPS with 32GB of RAM (!!!) and 16 dedicated cores (!!!) should not run out of memory with just five simultaneous visits to a small e-commerce site. We host much larger and busier websites on much smaller VPSs. There's likely a WordPress module with a leak, or some interaction between modules causing this issue.

The response: Okay, but just add more RAM and power to solve it.

The illusion of "infinite resources" in the Cloud has led to poor development habits. Sometimes I wonder how much energy and resources we waste (and pollution we generate) due to a lack of basic optimization.

sping , to technology in Monaspace - Microsoft presents a new font family for code

Such a subjective thing and often heavily based on familiarity, but looking at that solidifies my appreciation for Ubuntu Mono

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Honest question: Which country are you from and which distribution do you use?

I'm in the United States, and run personally and administer professionally.

daredevil , (edited ) to linux in What are some things you wish you had known when switching to Linux?
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Though I enjoy and am currently using , I wish I learned about sooner. I didn't understand why game performance felt so off with my dual monitor setup for several months. I have since dabbled with an DE for some gaming, and Wayland support has alleviated those problems. However, I plan to look into other options when I've organized my data a bit more and establish proper backups. Learning , , , and tweaking were also useful for making my workflow into what it is. Also, I wish I knew how bad and support would be. Despite getting used to their applications, the absence of feature parity is immensely disappointing.

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Deprecated Linux ifconfig command and their replacement option cheatsheet. See my page https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-ip-command-examples-usage-syntax/ for more examples and usage.

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Caps lock key not working on Ubuntu 23.10 Dev branch? or is it only for me? 😞

.10 @linux @Linux

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In this week’s and News video, we have the new App Store that will demote deb packages, we have the alpha of 45, and proposing to add telemetry in a future release.

Let’s take a look:


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Question for my system engineers:

What's better for a home lab

  1. One application per VM
  2. Couple applications per VM
  3. All applications on one VM

I got around 6-7 applications that run on my server

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now they switch to Ubuntu or Debian :P

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