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Open position at UiT The Arctic University of Norway: We are looking for a special collections librarian with professional working proficiency in one of the Scandinavian languages.
Apply by March 14, 2024.

Tromsø universitetsbibliotek søker deg som ønsker å jobbe med bibliotekets eldre samlinger.
Søknadsfrist: 14. mars 2024.


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While four autobiograpical accounts of Alice Thornton's (1626-1707) life exist, each one is different from the others as she changed the structure and rewrote events.

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Bjørvika, the spectacular main building of public truly is a marvelous place. Spaciness seems to have been one guiding principle. Another one, the great attention to detail when placing pieces of art such as Simone Hooymans' video installation "Talking plants" (2020).

Deichman is actually Norway's oldest public library. This shows also in the Carl Deichman collection, their . Catalogue (2 vols.): https://www.nb.no/items/0ac393bac4f987a465dcfdb3bfafa9b6?page=0&searchText=Carl Deichman

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Calling all people and institutions that work with archives!

This year's theme for "Explore Your Archive Week" is in the attached graphic. The campaign has really good engagement over on #X and we'd love to see the campaign to celebrate archives take off here on

Share your archives under the hashtags and we'll boost.

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    This is the account for Manuscript, Rare Book & Archive Studies (MARBAS) at Princeton. We're an initiative dedicated to sharing resources and techniques related to textual artifacts produced before 1600. That's manuscripts, archival documents, early printed books, papyri, inscriptions, the list goes on! We're all about premodern texts and the multitudes of materials that have carried them.

    We'll be posting about , , and from a range of geographies and across , , and the period.

    Looking forward to connecting with @antiquidons, @histodons, @medievodons, @bookhistodons, and others!


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