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On Linux, if you're connected to ProtonVPN and your system crashes or gets hard reset, you may find that you can no longer connect to the internet.

This is likely because ProtonVPN's killswitch has got stuck on. To check and disable it: (on Pop!_OS 22.04 in this case, but it'll work on many distros).

ip route show
nmcli device
sudo nmcli connection delete pvpn-killswitch
sudo nmcli connection delete pvpn-ipv6leak-protection

daredevil , (edited ) to linux in What are some things you wish you had known when switching to Linux?
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Though I enjoy and am currently using , I wish I learned about sooner. I didn't understand why game performance felt so off with my dual monitor setup for several months. I have since dabbled with an DE for some gaming, and Wayland support has alleviated those problems. However, I plan to look into other options when I've organized my data a bit more and establish proper backups. Learning , , , and tweaking were also useful for making my workflow into what it is. Also, I wish I knew how bad and support would be. Despite getting used to their applications, the absence of feature parity is immensely disappointing.

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