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Yay! Managed to install QualCoder from the terminal in

Well, it was a case of following the instructions on , still I take the successes as they come

And I love the name because I like snakessssss 🐍

NumbersCanBeFun , to linux avatar

New to ? The software manager is always my first stop. Can't compute without a few computer programs eh?

Software Manager - Linux Mint

Change my Mind! - I like the linux,but some things keeps me staying on Windows.

Recently, I switched from Windows to Linux, tried many distros, and ended up with the Ubuntu rolling-release. Things went well for some days, but I started facing some issues like printer issues, gaming performance issues, and overall Ubuntu performance issues. So, I switched to where it all started, which is Windows 10. Now...

melroy Admin , to linux in Wayland or X11? Why?
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Wayland! When xfce comes with Wayland? When Linux Mint have wayland?

daredevil , (edited ) to linux in What are some things you wish you had known when switching to Linux? avatar

Though I enjoy and am currently using , I wish I learned about sooner. I didn't understand why game performance felt so off with my dual monitor setup for several months. I have since dabbled with an DE for some gaming, and Wayland support has alleviated those problems. However, I plan to look into other options when I've organized my data a bit more and establish proper backups. Learning , , , and tweaking were also useful for making my workflow into what it is. Also, I wish I knew how bad and support would be. Despite getting used to their applications, the absence of feature parity is immensely disappointing.

carloshr , to privacy Spanish avatar

Best Linux Distro Privacy/Usability for a mid level user

What do you think is the best linux distro for a user who wants to migrate from windows in terms of privacy, usability and respect for the FOSS spirit?

I'm thinking to give a chance to

@privacy @linux

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@ianmclean @FarLine99 @privacy
thanks for your comments. I've already decided to install . Actually I've been using it for around a month and I'm very satisfied. Currently I almost don't use windows.

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Deprecated Linux ifconfig command and their replacement option cheatsheet. See my page for more examples and usage.

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