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A fairly broad interpretation of the theme, but for we are sharing this unique story of love between George and Bessie Lansbury.


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In London in January? I'm running a radical left archives drop in - items on the Independent Labour Party, anarchism, social democratic federation, protests and more.
Free tickets:

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hello !

We're the George Lansbury Memorial Trust, set up in 2012 to commemorate the life of George Lansbury; the life-long campaigner for social justice.

George started life as a radical Liberal, became a socialist in the early 1890s & joined the Social Democratic Federation, Independent Labour Party, and then finally a Labour MP in 1922, leading the Party in the early 1930s.

We organise events and promote his legacy


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@histodons what would be a good instance to be on for predominatly UK based labour history people?

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📘 Massimo Asta and Pedro Ramos Pinto edited the book "The Value of Work since the 18th Century. Custom, Conflict, Measurement and Theory".

With examples ranging across several centuries and different parts of the globe, it shows how wages are influenced by the specific organization and processes of work, conflict and power, social status and hierarchies between workers, etc.



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Handwriting help. Can anyone make out this person's name?

[It's from a phrenological report of George Lansbury MP (!)]


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We've just published volume 17 of George Lansbury's archive, which covers his peace campaign up until his death. It also includes lots of correspondence about refugees. It's online here:

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We still have some tickets available for this great free event. Register now if you would like to join us for an afternoon of at a fantastic London venue

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