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Keir Starmer was 'beaten up' defending gay friend from attack as a teen

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I guessed it'd just be a matter of time until 'The Thick of It' was mentioned in this book.


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    For some politicians, racists are despicable until you start losing voters to them:

    "Victory in the fight for trust with the economy was critical.

    Another was countering the UK Independence Party (Ukip). It is easy to forget what a potent political force Nigel Farage's band of rightwing Eurosceptic insurgents then was - and what a threat it posed to the Conservatives. Its blend of status quo-bashing, saying the 'unsayable' and tapping into concerns on immigration and crime was effective against a Tory Party that had been pushed towards the centre ground. In 2014, Ukip came top in the European Parliament elections, picking up one in every four votes. They were flipping Tory MPs too, with Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless defecting to Ukip and winning the subsequent by-elections. Ukip would go on to get almost four million votes at the 2015 election, more than 12 per cent of the total, coming second in 120 seats, but getting across the line in just one: Carswell's Clacton. Farage called the result, a reflection of the old first-past-the-post rules that the Lib Dems had tried to ditch, 'very, very painful'. 'Never in the history of British politics has anybody got more votes with fewer seats,' Farage said in an interview.

    Back in 2006, Cameron had dubbed Ukip supporters a bunch of fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists'. Come 2015, he was offering an olive branch to tempt 'my little purple friends' back to the blue side. The major move here came in January 2013 with the promise of an in/out referendum on European Union membership - the starting gun on the race that would end with Brexit. The threat was less that of Ukip winning vast numbers of seats than of denying Tory victories by forcing down their vote totals, allowing another party to sneak in at the top. Isaac Levido, another Australian political strategist who is often seen as Crosby's protégé and who would lead Johnson's winning 2019 election campaign, was inside the Tory tent for 2015 and acknowledged the danger. 'Ukip were an existential threat to us getting into a majority government, Levido said. "They only needed to perform marginally better in a handful of seats and we wouldn't have won a majority?"


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    A fairly broad interpretation of the theme, but for we are sharing this unique story of love between George and Bessie Lansbury.


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    In London in January? I'm running a radical left archives drop in - items on the Independent Labour Party, anarchism, social democratic federation, protests and more.
    Free tickets:

    @archivistodon @histodons

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    Happy Monday! We'll be sharing a weekly photograph of George Lansbury from the archives.

    Here is George with his daughter Daisy Postage. As well as working as her father's secretary, Daisy was an activist and was involved in the suffragette movement. She famously dressed up as Sylvia Pankhurst to help the real Sylvia Pankhurst evade capture from the police.

    @histodons @archivistodon

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    hello !

    We're the George Lansbury Memorial Trust, set up in 2012 to commemorate the life of George Lansbury; the life-long campaigner for social justice.

    George started life as a radical Liberal, became a socialist in the early 1890s & joined the Social Democratic Federation, Independent Labour Party, and then finally a Labour MP in 1922, leading the Party in the early 1930s.

    We organise events and promote his legacy


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    @histodons what would be a good instance to be on for predominatly UK based labour history people?

    @histodons @sslh

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    📘 Massimo Asta and Pedro Ramos Pinto edited the book "The Value of Work since the 18th Century. Custom, Conflict, Measurement and Theory".

    With examples ranging across several centuries and different parts of the globe, it shows how wages are influenced by the specific organization and processes of work, conflict and power, social status and hierarchies between workers, etc.



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    Handwriting help. Can anyone make out this person's name?

    [It's from a phrenological report of George Lansbury MP (!)]


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    We've just published volume 17 of George Lansbury's archive, which covers his peace campaign up until his death. It also includes lots of correspondence about refugees. It's online here:

    @sslh @histodons

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    "By combining innovative methods in economic history with an economic approach, Goldin has demonstrated that several different factors have historically influenced – and still influence – the supply of and demand for female labour. ... To achieve these insights, Goldin looked back over two hundred years."


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    📝 Pro- notes... and industrial

    📌 Industrial robots today are programmed to perform specific and repetitive tasks, which limits their versatility; to make them perform different actions, they need to be reprogrammed by a person.

    @startupnews @philosophy @cogsci


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    🤔 What will happen to that cannot keep up with this if it gains traction? On what other aspects can those businesses focus their competitive advantage, and how should we reimagine the very idea of competitive advantage in a world where industrial can learn and work autonomously? What kind of technological and divide might arise from these innovations?

    @startupnews @philosophy @cogsci


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    🤔 A capable of learning and making decisions about actions to take could be the first step toward the development of entrepreneurial robots, i.e., -driven robots capable of founding and managing new and . How would the and change if this were to happen?

    👉 Source

    @startupnews @philosophy @cogsci


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