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I. 日本がほしいです。

A. Items marked with O are what you want, and items marked with X are what you do not want. Make sentences using ほしい。

[O] 本・本がほしいです。
[X] マフラー・マフラーがほしくないです。

  1. [o] お金・お金がほしいです。
  2. [x] セーター・セーターはほしくないです。
  3. [x] パソコン・パソコンはほしくないです。
  4. [o] バイク・バイクがほしいです。
  5. [x] ぬいぐるみ・ぬいぐるみはほしくないです。

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"The essay approaches the topic by analyzing the cause and effect of economic depression, social upheaval, and unique political propaganda."

Yang, A. (2021). The Rise of Nazism and Militarism: Economic Depression and the Rise of Nationalism in Germany and Japan. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(3), 12–20. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejsocial.2021.1.3.14 @histodon @histodons

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I'm trying to sign up for men's here in to placate my busy wife. While she was away, I made this cheese omelette; beginner's luck! A center has me on a waiting list, or I could spill for more upscale lessons. It is astonishing and unJapanese that single-person are approaching 40%. of all ages have a poor , which exacerbates the gap with . is also a hazard. Many men are , never , or their them, often after the children become independent and the husband is useless around the house after a busy career. Single men, or married men interested in cooking or helping their wives, possibly fearing their wives' pent-up anger, can find as well as in cooking lessons. Men's classes start from zero; women and .


@psychology @sociology

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B. Talk about part-time jobs

  1. アルバイトをしたことがありますか。


  1. いつしましたか。


  1. どんなアルバイトでしたか。


  1. 一週間に何日働きましたか。


  1. 一週間にいくらもらいましたか。


  1. どんなアルバイトがしてみたいですか。どうしてですか。


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We were invited to an exciting show in a venue near Kansai International Airport with 360° screens and sound. The was by former of the Revue (宝塚歌劇団), a renowned troupe where play all the roles in adapted from Western and Japanese , , movies, novels, and young women's comics.

1st photo: With family friends and staff who look a bit like anime or manga characters. My wife is second from the right.

2nd photo: The star came out from the stage and tapped me on the shoulder as she danced by.

3rd photo: Light show and .

4th photo: Finale with all the . They sang "We are the World" mostly in while audience members waved a sort of light saber.


The star touched me as she danced by.
Light show on the screens with music and dancing.
Finale with all the entertainers was "We are the World" sung mostly in Japanese.

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I. Make sentences using the cues.

  1. 食堂があります。


  1. 私は先生に借りました。


  1. 父は私にくれました。


  1. 友達は住んでいます。


  1. 最近で来ました。


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Free manga in Japanese

With the current promotion on Bookwalker Japan you can again read some first volumes of well-known manga series for free.

See the links here:


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  1. 来週、大きい台風が着ます。何しておきますか。


  1. 来週、試験があります。何をしておきますか。


  1. 今度の休みに富士山に登ります。何をしておかなければいけませんか。


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I. Read the first half of the sentences carefully. Then choose from the list what you will do in preparation and complete the sentences, using 〜ておきます。

  1. あの店ではカード(Credit card)が使えないので、____


  1. 来週、北海道を旅行するので、


  1. 電車で東京に行くので、


  1. 今度の週末、友達とカラオケに行くので、


  1. 週末デートをするので、


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VII. まとめの練習

A. Answer the following questions

  1. 子供の時に何ができましたか。何ができませんでしたか。


  1. 百円で何が買えますか。


  1. どこに行ってみたいですか。どうしてですか。


  1. 子供の時、何がしてみたかったですか。


  1. 今、何がしてみたいですか。


  1. 一日に何時間ぐらい勉強しますか。


  1. 一週間に何回レストランに行きますか。


  1. 一か月にいくらぐらい使いますか。


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A. Look at the following pictures and make sentences as in the example.

Ex. Twice a day

  1. Brush teeth three times a day.
  2. Sleep seven hours a day.
  3. Study three hours a day.
  4. Clean room once a week.
  5. Do laundry twice a week
  6. Working part-time three days a week.
  7. I go to school 5 days a week.
  8. I watch a movie once a month.

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1969 Gunze Japanese Underwere Ad

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Diggin in the carts

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I started in October of 2023 after my wife inspired me to start after hitting around a 120 Day streak learning . Since then I've earned 47395 XP, 15k of that came from a single week back in Silver League against a rival who pushed me like nobody since. Much love to you, Francis Jean, wherever you are. Duo has been a cornerstone of my new life, being the primary way I keep my mind sharp.

The language I'm learning is , as my mother is a to the USA but never taught me the because of her terrible experience coming to this country. Her entire family came from , and even included at least one poet lauriete whose name I cannot recall. My current streak is 51 Days, unbroken since I started, and I've learned over 1000 words. This far I have finished in 1st Place in every League from Bronze through Amethyst, and I intend to do that all the way through Diamond League.

Over the next year, I plan on adding to my practice.

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B. Look at the pictures in A and make sentences as in the example.

寿司 -> 美味しそうな寿司です。

  1. ケーキ
  2. カレー

  3. 古そうな服です。
  4. 先生
  5. 時計
  6. ヤクザ
  7. 男の人
  8. 女の人
  9. おじいさん
  10. おばあさん
  11. 女の人
  12. 弁護士
  13. 学生
  14. セーター
  15. 子供

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Describe the following pictures using ~そう。

Example この寿司は美味しそうです。

  1. ケーキ (sweet) - このケーキは甘そうです。
  2. カレー (spicy) - このカレーは辛そうです。
  3. 服 (old) - この服は古そうです。
  4. 先生 (strict) - この先生は厳しそうです。
  5. 時計 (new) - この時計は新しそうでs。
  6. ヤクザ - このヤクザは怖そうです。
  7. 男の人 - (lonely) この男の人は寂しそうです。
  8. 女の人 - (glad) この女の人は嬉しそうです。
  9. おじいさん (energetic) - このおじいさんは元気そうです。
  10. おばあさん (mean) - このおばあさんは意地悪そうです。
  11. 女の人 (kind) - この女の人は優しそうです。
  12. 弁護士 (smart) - この弁護士は頭がやさそうです。
  13. 学生 (sleepy) - この学生は眠そうです。
  14. このセーターはあたたかそうです。
  15. 子供 (sad) - この子供は悲しそうです。

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Deeper and deeper into and people, I went into the Imperial Palace for a special performance of (雅楽), imperial court and of mainland origin that have been performed there since the Heian Period over a thousand years ago. An acquaintance who is a Shintō priestess (see photo) from Nara played two types of traditional flutes that sustain an eerie or higher-worldly atmosphere. The relatively slow and deliberate movements of the mostly male dancers in many-layered gorgeous contumes stand in contrast with the frenetic tempo of modern . We experience as the pace of transformation, and that brief time transfixed with the Gagaku performance was but an interlude from an ancient era in a workday preparing for university classes and a keynote address. Photos will have to suffice to evoke the special atmosphere.

Publications on Japan: https://japanned.hcommons.org/japanology

@religion @histodons

Gagaku performance
The author with a Shintō priestess acquaintance, and other Gagaku performers in the background
Another Gagaku scene

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B. Describe the things that Mary can do.


  1. メアリーさんは日本語の歌を歌えます。
  2. メアリーさんはバイオリンを引けます。
  3. メアリーさんは空手ができます。
  4. メアリーさんは寿司を食べられます。
  5. メアリーさんは料理ができます。
  6. メアリーさんは日本語が話せます。
  7. メアリーさんは運転ができます。
  8. メアリーさんはセーターが編めます。
  9. メアリーさんは日本語で手紙が書けます。
  10. メアリーさんは早く今朝が起きられます。
  11. メアリーさんは熱くお風呂に入れます。

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Re-evaluating various things lately, this was a job for Philosophy Path (哲学の道) along the eastern mountains of . Writers have asserted that Japan doesn't do , mais non. To be sure, Mahayana eludes our grasp.

Furthermore, the that does the heavy lifting in real is not metaphysical or . For , winning contests, or more about the criteria for real haiku in other than , see "Internationalizing the Essence of Haiku Poetry" at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323187189 or https://www.academia.edu/35927186

Thus, I was along the and not per se, but just absorbed in the scenes like these captioned , and that was quite refreshing.

Publications on , , and East-West : https://japanned.hcommons.org/japanology


Nanzenji in early autumn colors.
Eikando, one of the greatest temples for changing leaves, starting soon.
Gate to the temple Honen-In.

SteveMcCarty OP ,
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@phyllobius @philosophy

I'd say that bodhicitta (菩提心), consciousness-only, and such metaphysical concepts are indeed Mahāyāna , but not . I alluded to our not being able to grasp it intellectually.

Frankly, I dislike the emphasis on 'emptiness' or non-being (無), since we'll have all eternity minus our lifetime for that. I've always been in the kill-the-Zen-master camp. I rebel against their regimentation and the haughty disrepect all gurus have for what naturally wells up in the independent person, who might be to an extent -- without their knowledge (in both senses), who sees for oneself.

Having said that, if I had to define Mahāyāna ontology, it is in the Heart Sūtra (心経, Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya Sūtra) that here are always chanting, essentially that being and non-being are the same.

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