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For a change of pace, my wife and I stayed overnight in Kōbe, an urban resort that celebrates early Western residences that are exotic to Japanese and other Asians. Europeans got set up in this port city in the 19th Century just before the Meiji Restoration that embraced Western technology if not culture.

Although it rained the first day, Chisato logged way over 20,000 steps, but there wasn't much to photograph between the lively Sannomiya area and Harborland except food. These photos are from the second day, hiking up to the Kitano area where the retro foreign buildings are located. Despite the weather, Chisato was warm, which was the highlight.


Iconic German style 19th Century building in Kōbe.
Danish house in Kōbe.
My sweater matched one of the retro houses :-)

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Centralized higher school admission in early 20thC Japan led to better officials & improved careers for hi-achieving students but increased regional inequality by crowding out rural applicants, according to Chiaki Moriguchi at the 2024 APEBH Conference.

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Chiaki Moriguchi presents her analysis of the short and long term effects of centralized higher school admissions in early 20th century Japan

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Sex imbalance varied by ethnicity & influenced marital decisions & hhold composition at a time of rising ethnic intermarriage in early 20thC Hawaii, according to Sumner LaCroix & coauthors in a new Asia-Pacific Economic History Review paper.

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    The Shintō shrine Jōnangū (城南宮) in Kyōto, was a palace of Emperors from the beginning of the Period in 794. It has from different periods since then, and a patch of pink and white blossoms around a big stone lantern is a most stunning sight to behold. Several years ago the head priest showed me around and explained the history in Japanese. Jōnangū is not well known to tourists, but it draws many reverent Japanese.

    The third photo is of a teahouse and a reddish variety of plum blossoms. The last photo shows what my American friend whom I guided got: a seal written in by the shrine maiden (o-miko-san). Jōnangū is written down the center, with yesterday's date down the left side. The right side is what the shrine especially offers: houyoke - a to avoid obstacles or worries, such as with one's family. There is a great demand for such nowadays.

    @religion @histodons

    Rear view of the Jōnangū shrine plum blossoms and stone lantern
    Teahouse and red plum blossoms
    The American friend whom I guided got a stamp book and seal written in calligraphy by a shrine maiden (o-miko-san). Jōnangū is written down the center, with yesterday's date down the left side. The right side is what the shrine especially offers: houyoke - a prayer to avoid obstacles or worries, such as with one's family. There is great demand for such blessings nowadays.

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    Delightful survey of small vehicles in , likely of interest for fans of , riders, enjoyers, and those who subscribe to .

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    Yet another in a seemingly endless series of superb, insightful articles from @aristeon89.

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    According to Japanese folklore, shapeshifting frog women known as kaeru nyōbō could take on human form in order to marry human men. Descriptions of these "frog brides" identified them as being noticeably shorter and more fragile than the average woman.

    📷: Jeffrey SU

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    "The essay approaches the topic by analyzing the cause and effect of economic depression, social upheaval, and unique political propaganda."

    Yang, A. (2021). The Rise of Nazism and Militarism: Economic Depression and the Rise of Nationalism in Germany and Japan. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(3), 12–20. @histodon @histodons

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    I'm trying to sign up for men's here in to placate my busy wife. While she was away, I made this cheese omelette; beginner's luck! A center has me on a waiting list, or I could spill for more upscale lessons. It is astonishing and unJapanese that single-person are approaching 40%. of all ages have a poor , which exacerbates the gap with . is also a hazard. Many men are , never , or their them, often after the children become independent and the husband is useless around the house after a busy career. Single men, or married men interested in cooking or helping their wives, possibly fearing their wives' pent-up anger, can find as well as in cooking lessons. Men's classes start from zero; women and .


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    Kitano Tenmangū (北野天満宮) is a major Kyōto shrine dedicated to the scholarly aristocrat Sugawara no Michizane in 947. Similar to the exiled Emperor Sutoku, after he was wronged, disasters befell the Heian Period capital, so his believed-to-be vengeful ghost was propitiated, and he was deified into the Shintō kami Tenjin. This deity of learning attracts worshippers to thousands of subsidiary shrines nationwide, such as students wishing to pass entrance exams. Kitano Tenmangū is one of the best places for plum blossom viewing, with its national treasure architecture.

    @religion @histodons

    Dark pink and white plum blossoms, and a row of vermillion torii gates in the lower right.
    White plum blossoms in the shrine.
    Pink plum blossoms at the shrine.

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    'The Mainichi', a Japanese newspaper in English, publish a haiku every day, submitted by poets from all over the world. Editor Dhugal J. Lindsay has selected the best haiku of 2023 and comments on them. For free pdf-file: 👇🏽



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    We were invited to an exciting show in a venue near Kansai International Airport with 360° screens and sound. The was by former of the Revue (宝塚歌劇団), a renowned troupe where play all the roles in adapted from Western and Japanese , , movies, novels, and young women's comics.

    1st photo: With family friends and staff who look a bit like anime or manga characters. My wife is second from the right.

    2nd photo: The star came out from the stage and tapped me on the shoulder as she danced by.

    3rd photo: Light show and .

    4th photo: Finale with all the . They sang "We are the World" mostly in while audience members waved a sort of light saber.


    The star touched me as she danced by.
    Light show on the screens with music and dancing.
    Finale with all the entertainers was "We are the World" sung mostly in Japanese.

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    📖 “I Spent $75,000 Documenting Japan's Gaming History, And It Was Quite The Ride”

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    Zen Terror in Prewar Japan. Portrait of an Assassin by Brian Daizen Victoria

    This is the third and final volume of meticulous research and engaging information presented by Brian Daizen Victoria, senior research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, about militaristic connections between Zen Buddhism and Japanese nationalism around and during the time of World War II.


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