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A bright high school student just asked me for a recommendation for a book about the bronze age. Any @histodons or folx have a recommendation for a public facing book?

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On 18 March, we will welcome researcher Patricia López-Gay (Bard College) for a lecture dedicated to the life and work of , a Spanish political activist, public intellectual and writer.

Admission is free and no registration is needed.


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    🗣 Have you seen the call for papers for the international conference "The Chorus of the Crowd: Culture, Power, and Identities in Football Fandom"?

    ⚽ It aims to promote a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and revitalized discussion on fandom and supporter culture.



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  • WerkstattGeschichte , to historikerinnen German avatar

    Am 85. Jahrestag ihrer Hinrichtung werden heute die sterblichen Überreste von Mélinée & ins überführt.

    Zum über die Aktivitäten der in der französischen siehe unseren -Artikel:

    ▶ Simona Slanicka, L’armée du crime: Die Résistance kommunistischer Immigranten als Legende für die heutige Zeit?, 59/2011,

    @histodons @historikerinnen

    richard , to histodons avatar

    Women in South Africa’s armed struggle: new book records history at first hand

    "In her book Guerrillas and Combative Mothers, political and international studies academic Siphokazi Magadla uses life history interviews to offer firsthand insights into women’s participation in the armed struggle against apartheid in South Africa from 1961 until 1994."

    @bookstodon @histodons

    abolisyonista , to histodons avatar

    Finally! The mystery of who the Chinese Makhno was has been revealed and debunked! No, anarchist guerrillas did not operate against the CPC at Yunan during the 30s–50s. The Chinese American anarchist who mentioned the Chinese Makhno in his oral history simply didn’t have all the facts.


    eharlitzkern , to histodons avatar

    When studying the Viking Age, one decision that needs to be made is how to relate to the sagas. Are they historical sources and can be used? Or are they literature and can't be used? Usually, my students land on the side of yes, despite all their problems, the sagas can be used. But this time around, through critical analysis, my students declared that the sagas can't be used. This is great. But, this also means that the students have declared one of our textbooks useless.

    AHAHistorians , to histodons avatar

    The AHA has sent a letter to members of the Indiana House Education Committee opposing Senate Bill 202, which would “create a policy for granting tenure… based on how well that faculty member has fostered ‘intellectual diversity’ within the classroom.” @histodons

    NBarreyre , to histodons French avatar

    La campagne de recrutements universitaires reprend, et avec elle le des recrutements en histoire, tenu bénévolement par des collègues depuis 2011. Il est en train d'être mis en place pour cette année. Et, vous le savez, ses informations dépendent de vous! Composition des comités de sélection, liste des auditionné.es, classement: n'hésitez pas à envoyer les infos dès maintenant. La transparence de nos recrutements en dépend.


    brian_gettler , to histodons avatar

    Monographs that basically say "trust me, I'm a historian" re: sources and methodology drive me nuts. You made decisions about what collections to consult and what evidence to use, decisions that when explained help the reader evaluate your argument. It wouldn't kill you to write a few paragraphs on this process. Those who aren't interested in the method will skip it and those who are will have a deeper appreciation for all of your hard work. @histodons

    WerkstattGeschichte , to historikerinnen German avatar

    Am 85. Jahrestag ihrer Hinrichtung werden heute die sterblichen Überreste von Mélinée & ins überführt.

    Zum über die Aktivitäten der in der französischen siehe unseren -Artikel:

    ▶ Simona Slanicka, L’armée du crime: Die Résistance kommunistischer Immigranten als Legende für die heutige Zeit?, 59/2011,

    @histodons @historikerinnen

    IHChistory , to digitalhumanities avatar

    ❗ There's still time to register (free of charge) for the project workshop, where the trainers will explain the methodology, a computational method that allows us to analyse discourses.

    It can help us, for example, study the opinions of the population, combining ontological, argumentative and agency analysis.


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  • WerkstattGeschichte , to historikerinnen German avatar

    Den heutigen Welttag der sozialen nehmen wir zum Anlass, gleich zwei -Hefte zur Lektüre zu empfehlen:

    ▶️ 10/1995 "",

    ▶️ 73/2017 "",

    Unter allen, die heute boosten, verlosen wir ein Stück "reichtum"!

    @histodons @historikerinnen


    WerkstattGeschichte OP , avatar

    Vielen Dank allen und anderen, die hier boostend an der eines Exemplars „reichtum“ ( 73/2017) teilgenommen haben!

    Die Ziehung (von der selbstverständlich Redaktionsmitglieder und Mitherausgebende ausgeschlossen waren) hat inzwischen stattgefunden, gewonnen hat diesmal @PeterUrfels - herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Bitte die Anschrift für die Versendung des Hefts per DM mitteilen.

    @histodons @historikerinnen

    historicum_net , to historikerinnen German avatar

    📢 Neue alte FID-Lizenz!
    Das Online- RetroNews steht allen mit FID-Lizenz-Konto in vollem Umfang zur Verfügung.
    15 Mio Artikel aus 2.000 🇫🇷 Zeitungen und Magazinen (1631-1952) im Volltext durchsuchbar.



    GRK2571 , to histodon avatar

    We are pleased to announce that the deadline to submit papers for our upcoming annual conference titled "The Empire and I: Individuals in Empires and Post-Imperial Spaces" has been extended until March 24th, 2024. The conference will take place from November 28th to 30th, 2024. For further details, please refer to the call for papers.
    @unifreiburg @empires @histodons @histodon

    Application We welcome contributions from all the humanities and social sciences as well as hybrid sciences. We especially encourage scholars in the early stages of their career (PhD & Postdocs) to submit proposals. Interested applicants are invited to send a working title, an abstract (c. 400 words) for a presentation of 20 minutes and a short CV (no more than two pages) to conference- by 24/03/2024. Any further queries can be directed to the same address. Accommodation in Freiburg will be organised and covered by the RTG “Empires”. We will also reimburse presenters for their travel expenses. Presenters will be asked to provide a first draft of their paper at least two weeks prior to the conference. After the conference, we intend to publish the papers in an edited volume. The conference is the third of a series of annual conferences organised by the DFG Research Training Group 2571 “Empires: Dynamic Transformation, Temporality and Postimperial Orders” (University of Freiburg). More information on the conference and the RTG can be found at:

    IdeasRoadshow , to histodons avatar

    Raphael's study of Lucretia whose tragic history was recorded by Ovid & Livy.

    Made in the early days of his Roman career, the design reveals Raphael's profound knowledge of antique Roman sculpture & literary sources.

    🎥 Coming soon: RAPHAEL: A PORTRAIT,

    @histodons @whencyclopedia @HistoryToday

    AnnalesHSS , to histodons French avatar

    Le nouveau numéro des est sorti. Numéro spécial sur:

    avec deux sous-dossiers :

    • Nouvelles archives
    • Nouvelles approches

    Nous détaillerons les articles dans les jours qui viennent.

    👉 (bientôt sur Cairn aussi)


    NBarreyre , to histodons avatar

    A question on Canadian History.

    I teach for new graduate students in US history an historiography seminar, where I assign 2 articles/chapters per session. And I'd very much like to include articles on Canada, 19th & 20th century. They're becoming good critical readers of scholarship, but know nothing about Canadian history (except what I did with them on early modern period). Any recommendations?


    emdiplomacy , to historikerinnen avatar
    emdiplomacy OP , avatar

    @historikerinnen @histodons @earlymodern

    By choosing different genres written in different languages from the 16th and 17th centuries Bach provides a great insight in the ways was talked about and why. (6/6)

    rossb_oxford , to histstm avatar

    Just a reminder that, following the Royal Society event in Jan, my article 'Mendel's Closet: Genetics, Eugenics and the Exceptions of Sex in Edwardian Britain' has been made freely available until the end of Feb/LGBTQ+ History Month.

    Download away while you can! 🧬🏳️‍🌈🐦

    @histstm @histodons

    kris_inwood , to politicalscience avatar

    Centralized higher school admission in early 20thC Japan led to better officials & improved careers for hi-achieving students but increased regional inequality by crowding out rural applicants, according to Chiaki Moriguchi at the 2024 APEBH Conference.

    @economics @demography @socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @anthropology @econhist @devecon @archaeodons @edutooters

    Chiaki Moriguchi presents her analysis of the short and long term effects of centralized higher school admissions in early 20th century Japan

    emdiplomacy , to historikerinnen avatar

    The , aka the Big Pink Book, finally found its way to its wonderful authors. So we asked them to sent us pictures of its new home.
    Under we take you on a journey to all the places where research takes places.
    If you spot the handbook in the wild, please post pictures, too! (1x)

    @earlymodern @historikerinnen @histodons

    emdiplomacy OP , avatar

    @earlymodern @historikerinnen @histodons

    The big pink book at work at Mainz university, Germany.
    Picture by Elisabeth Natour

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