daredevil , to linux in Question about High Refresh Rate Monitors and High Res Monitors on linux
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Chiming in to say is what resolved this issue for me. I had to switch from Linux Mint Cinnamon to + and I'm much happier with my setup now.

Change my Mind! - I like the linux,but some things keeps me staying on Windows.

Recently, I switched from Windows to Linux, tried many distros, and ended up with the Ubuntu rolling-release. Things went well for some days, but I started facing some issues like printer issues, gaming performance issues, and overall Ubuntu performance issues. So, I switched to where it all started, which is Windows 10. Now...

Linux_Is_Best , to random
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EndeavourOS has the option to install Vanilla Arch Linux without any modifications, using just the GUI installer.

It is Arch Linux and I don't believe in gatekeeping arguing just because you didn't use the terminal, it isn't arch. -- Which I have done, but I value my time.

I also much prefer the EndeavourOS Community. They are friendlier and more helpful.

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