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BIG update to my set of commands for working with contrib within a project: I've added a command to make and apply a patch from a feature branch in a module's git clone!

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The Ghent tickets are currently being sold at a standard price (€ 60,00) until the end of April. Secure your tickets now to avoid paying a higher rate later on! 🚀

🎟️ More details at


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Hey US-based developers looking for , we're not your usual web agency. We've always been all remote, we only work with nonprofits, we're woman- and queer-owned and led. We've got a 30-35 hour work week, 5+ weeks off per year to start, increases with tenure.

Yeah, it's capitalism, but we try real hard to suck less. Apply here and please share with folks who might be interested:

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Thank you, @AlexMoreno, for your work with the @drupalassoc with the focus of innovation.

With you leaving, it begs the question - who will carry the flag on June 1?

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Let’s not forget ’s future depends on a healthy ecosystem for . When we have discussions about the future of Drupal or or any other project that depends on PHP, we shouldn’t forget to also discuss how we can ensure a future for the programming language that powers these.

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Nice overview of Symfony events in from Manish Saharan.

If you’re comfortable with implementing Drupal hooks, then learning the event system is a logical next step. 🖖🏼

Via the Specbee blog.

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Coder 8.3.24 released! Comes with a new coding standard check for multi-line function declarations 🔍

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Oh yeah! Starter Kit themes just got easier - any theme can be a starter kit theme with a bit of .yml (and then “drush generate-theme” can be used)!

Via a bunch of fantastic Drupal contributors!

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New 1.0.1 version of the Markdown Easy module now available:

Includes a single minor bug fix, some default config, Drupal 11 compatibility, and a bunch of code quality improvements.

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Excited to welcome Anvil and Level 27 as Silver Sponsors, Anvil as Breakfast Sponsor and 3Sign as Design Sponsor for Ghent 2024! 🎉

Join us this May, get your tickets today, 🎟️


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Upgrading existing Drupal 10 sites to PHP8.3 is a really, really, really good idea at this point in time. Luckily, the community has great tools like to help us along.

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📣 ¡Llamada a oradores para la Drupalada! Si eres un apasionado de Drupal y tienes algo interesante que compartir, ¡queremos escucharte! Estamos en busca de profesionales dispuestos a impartir charlas y talleres que enriquezcan nuestra comunidad. No importa si eres nuevo en la enseñanza o un veterano de las conferencias, todos tienen algo valioso que aportar. Será una oportunidad increíble para ampliar tu red de contactos. Apuntate en #Drupalada

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Thinking about contributing to an open-source project other than (gasp!) - how about ? Bernardo Martinez provides step-by-step instructions to get you started:

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New! Drupal 10: Adding Extra User Account Protection - A look at some techniques and modules to protect your Drupal users.

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Lors du de Rennes, j'ai présenté mon nouveau sideproject : Un ensemble de templates pour factoriser et industrialiser les déploiements de ses sites internet via Gitlab CI. Retrouvez plus d'explications ici :

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I would love for the IXP-Fellowship community initiative (to encourage organizations to hire new, inexperienced Drupal developers) be identified as an “impactful contribution” so that it can earn organizations extra commit credits.

To do so, I think we need more people involved:

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Drupal works well for small and simple applications, as well large and compex applications.

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Have you used PHP attributes in Drupal yet? They've started to be available for some plugin types since version 10.2.

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I recently created my first @ViewsField plugin, which apparently is unique among plugins in that you also need to implement a hook (hook_views_data_alter) to tell Views about it and how to use it. The properties you define in the hook seem very similar to what other plugins take as annotation.

Is there something especially complex about this plugin type that regular annotation isn't enough, thus the hook? Or is this just a case of a plugin type that COULD be simplified but hasn't yet?

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If you need to connect with other DrupalCamp Cemaes attendees to share accommodation, get a ride to the event, or just have a chat, we've added forums to the site. Yup, Drupal core forum module is live! Learn more on the blog:

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If you haven't filled this survey yet, it might be time to help @pcambra improve

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Innovating in through infrastructure

Followup to the FrankenPHP talk by @dunglas at

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Explore the session tracks for as you prepare your submission! More information available at

‼️ The deadline to submit sessions for Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024 is April 30th. ‼️


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We're only about a month away from DrupalCon Portland - but this fall we'll be in sunny Barcelona!

Session submissions for DrupalCon Barcelona end soon:

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