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Things That Cause Inappropriate Happiness by Danila Botha (2024 Guernica Editions)

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"I threw a snowball across the backyard.
My dog ran after it to bring it back.
It broke as it fell, scattering snow over snow.
She stood confused, seeing and smelling nothing.
She searched in widening circles until I called her."

Listen by Miller Williams from The Ways We Touch (1997 University of Illnois Press)

Close-up of a handwritten transcription of the poem "Listen" by Miller Williams from the poetry collection The Ways We Touch
Close-up of a handwritten transcription of the poem "Listen" by Miller Williams from the poetry collection The Ways We Touch

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"In the old recording of the birthday party,
the voices of the living and the dead
instruct twelve absent friends
on the reliable luxury of gratitude.
The celebrated one hands out presents.
The dead dog barks once."

On. On. Stop. Stop. by Saskia Hamilton (2013 Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day)

Airedale Tilly's paws are visible next to a handwritten transcription in a small notebook of the poem "On. On. Stop. Stop." by Saskia Hamilton
Beautiful, curly Airedale Tilly stands on a landing looking on as I hold up a small notebook with cartoon dogs on the cover

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Raise your hand if you have to snowblow tails in your back yard for your dogs. 🐶 🙋‍♂️

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"You think you have it ruff?"

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Lucy stopping to tell me there's snow in the mountains today!


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    MY LAST YEAR is ready for your vote on AllAuthor's Cover of the Month Contest!

    My best friend, Nounous, is working hard to reach his 15th birthday on January 10th.

    This past year has been difficult for him with his many medical issues. I hope and pray this year won't be his last.


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    1. It's Friday and work has been calm AF for days.

    2. Made Pesce All'Acqua Pazza again tonight. Second time in a few weeks and love it.

    3. Looking forward to spending time outdoors this weekend with my doggo.


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    “It is a strange fact that the population of dogs and dog breeds that we enjoy today largely emerged as a hobby for bored aristocrats in a tiny sliver of English history—during a period in which classification, measurement, and standardization became a national obsession.”


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    Przecież nie da się jeździć rowerem, gdy zimno... ;-) No zimno, ale świetnie :-) @rower


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    W sumie gdybyśmy chcieli pokazać wszystkie procedury związane z wyjściem na rowery, to ten filmik byłby duużo dłuższy. No i na rower przy -6? Nie da się przecież ;-) @rower


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    When Cookie wants to know what I’m cooking and if any of it is for her

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    To może i my rozważymy I będziemy tam prostować jeszcze więcej psiego kontentu? 🤔 @rower

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    "in the center
    was ostensibly a portrait of a dog.
    The dog had a kind of forced quality;
    I could see that now. I have
    never been much good with living things."

    @bookstodon Portrait of a Dog by Louise Glück (2019 The Threepenny Review)

    I'm holding a handwritten transcription of the poem "Portrait of a Dog" by Louise Glück while Airedale puppy Mavis looks on. My legs are visible, wearing blue tights, orange socks and green mary jane shoes.

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    Captivated by the singular voice of Nothing Special by Nicole Flattery (2023 Bloomsbury)

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    27/31: OSSUARIES by Dionne Brand (2010 McClelland & Stewart) &

    "no one
    expects the violence of glances, of offices,
    of walkways and train stations, of bathroom mirrors

    especially, the vicious telephones, the coarseness of
    daylight, the brusque decisions of air,
    the casual homicides of dresses"


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