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The promise of feudal security: "Surrender control over your digital life so that we, the wise, giant corporation, can ensure that you aren't tricked into catastrophic blunders that expose you to harm":


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


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The infinitely flexible, tireless digital arm-breakers of trusted computing have deprived all those skilled torturers of their rightful employment:

The world leader in trusted computing isn't cars - it's phones. Long before anyone built a car to take orders from its manufacturer over the objections of its driver, Apple and Google were inventing "curating computing" whose app stores determined which software you could run and how you could run it.


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for the () 2025 convention "Thinking Beyond – Collective and/or Intelligence" which will take place in New Orleans on January 9-12, 2025.

🗓️Deadline for Abstracts: March 15, 2024

📌Further Information: Humanities @litstudies @germanistik

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'Read Your Way' is the theme of 2024. My team is developing a new way to read the books of Alice Thornton (1626-1707) in a open access edition. Visit to find out more and read part of her Book of Remembrances. @histodons @histodon @litodons @earlymodern

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As far as I am concerned, all Sony digital content, is freeware.

If purchasing movies or Tv shows is not true ownership, so-called piracy is not theft.

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RAE's Digital Library

Biblioteca digital de la RAE (Real Academia Española)

A huge amount of texts in Spanish available in digital format through the web. A treasure!


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We're down to our top 3 blog posts in our countdown to 2024. You can look forward to the complete edition of Alice Thornton's books next year. Top blog post no. 3 will tell you more about it. Read 'Encoding Alice Thornton's Books' by @sharonhoward
@histodons @histodon @litstudies

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Congratulations to @sina_jb! After being a valued colleague at the @IKMZ for many years, she takes a professorship for and at the Department of Communication and Media (DCM) at the University of Fribourg. She will also become Director of the Institute for Digital Communication and 👏🏻
Sina, we'll miss you – and wish you a smooth start in your new position in February '24!


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Digital at the Göttingen Institute for has its own Hypotheses blog, with information about what we do and how you can participate:

We're still growing and changing rapidly! If anyone is interested in doing a guest post, please get in touch.

@medievodons @histodons

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My colleague, Suzanne Trill, has written an explainer of the new search function for our edition of Alice Thornton's .
@litstudies @histodons @histodon @bookhistodons

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Check out version v1.3.0 of our edition of Alice Thornton's Books. We have a new search function for people and places. Links that go to our partial release are live (others show up but are currently disabled). We also have some sample bios up for the 14 people named in the first 22 pages of her 'Book of Remembrances'.

@histodons @histodon

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"Our findings demonstrate a dampening effect on perceptual, emotional, and evaluative processing of presumed deepfake smiles, but not angry expressions, adding new specificity to the debate on the societal impact of AI-generated content."

Eiserbeck, A., Maier, M., Baum, J. et al. Deepfake smiles matter less—the psychological and neural impact of presumed AI-generated faces. Sci Rep 13, 16111 (2023). @psychology

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    Das "Kolloquium zur Phänomenologie der Humanities an der FU Berlin" () findet noch bis zum 8. Februar 2024 statt und kann zum Teil digital besucht werden.

    📌Weitere Informationen: @litstudies @germanistik @italianstudies

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    Rewired: Protecting Your Brain in the Digital Age

    Living in an age of digital distraction has wreaked havoc on our brains--but there's much we can do to restore our tech-life balance. We live in a world that is always on, where everyone is always connected. But we feel increasingly disconnected. Why? The answer lies in our brains.


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    This week I've been mainly reading, no.106.

    If you're interested in the relation between & , Barbara Savedoff's short(ash) Transforming Images: How Photography Complicates the Picture (2000) is worth reading. She explores the relations between & the photo, including some fascinating stuff on photographic reproductions' impact on , although the warnings about photography now seem commonplace. But still its full of great insights!


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    Join us at @CCC 's conference track "Sustainability & "! We're thrilled to focus on the pressing issues of ecological injustice and ecosystem collapse. If you're passionate about creating a sustainable, just, and future, we invite you to submit your presentations by November 11, 2023. We're particularly keen to hear from underrepresented groups and those from the global south.


    @bits_und_baeume is actively involved, creating a area for , , common good , and rights enthusiasts. Challenge outdated ideas and tackle tomorrow's problems today. Remember, "All Creatures Welcome," and "Be Excellent to Each Other."

    @academicchatter @dh @ecologies @economics @macrofinance @devecon @environmentalecon @energyecon @organizationalecon @ecosocio @geography @geopolitics @philosophy @philosophyofscience @politicalscience @seresearchers @sociology @sts @webscience

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    Come work with us: We're looking for a in ! 📣

    ✅ Permanent position at postdoctoral level
    ✅ 100% paid
    ✅ workplace is

    Deadline for applications is 30.11.2023, earliest starting date is 01.03.2024.

    More information:

    @communicationscholars @communications

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    🇸🇪 🇫🇮 Mikko Tolonen, Leo Lahti, Hege Roivainen & Jani Marjanen (2019) A Quantitative Approach to Book-Printing in Sweden and Finland, 1640–1828, Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 52:1, 57-78, DOI: @histodon @histodons @bookstodon

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    Publishing academic research in Open Access makes such a difference in who is able to engage with and benefit from it. Our Palgrave Handbook of Digital Russia Studies just hit 250k accesses - needless to say we would never have sold that many (expensive) copies...


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    It's lengthy but worth reading.

    It gathers a lot of data and interesting observations. Here are the ones that struck me the most:

    📌 Generative excels in tasks that require natural language processing and content creation, outperforming humans in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness.

    📌 Generative AI's efficiency impacts high-value tasks in white-collar roles, potentially offering comparable performance to humans at a fraction of the cost.

    @philosophy @startupnews


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    💭 My thought: in a scenario that describes our immediate , like the one outlined in the article, it will be increasingly essential to know how to ask the right questions — questions that help guide, interpret, give meaning, and make room for our humanity, starting precisely from the philosophical dialogue that should be continuously encouraged about and with and .

    👉 Source:

    @philosophy @startupnews


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    🧵 : this the first in a series of that will eventually be stitched together into a related to 📚 and 📘. (1)

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    "Are we being manipulated online? If so, is being manipulated by online technologies and algorithmic systems notably different from human forms of manipulation? And what is under threat exactly when people are manipulated online?"

    Jongepier, F., & Klenk, M. (Eds.). (2022). The Philosophy of Online Manipulation (1st ed.). Routledge. @philosophy @bookstodon (52)

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