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Misskey has a bug and I have identified that bug.

If the Misskey instance is using Cloudflare Turnstile (Cloudflare's version of CAPTCHA), registration for new members fails.

Switch to the other Captcha option and everything works.

  • edit * This seems to impact Sharkey as well.

BeAware , to Random avatar

For anyone that wants to know what the big CloudFlare controversy is, but doesn't wanna go to reddit.

This is a FOSS frontend for reddit. No ads, no traffic to that shitty site.👍

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Post >> Testing, testing • What I found in recent evaluations of web browsers and the new Cloudflare Fonts service.

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Wait, Fonts? Hahahhahhaahahh!!! 😂 Come on, now...

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often blocks my ISP connection on websites that use it, so why would I trust ? This gets zero approval from me. If anything, this service just creates yet another pocket for cache alongside (that majority of websites were brainwashed to use already). If it's what to is, then I suggest avoiding extra hops and using instead.

👋🐰 Embrace the !

Marielle_W , to politicalscience group avatar

Freedom House has published the 2023 edition of its Freedom on the Net ranking, finding a decline in global internet freedom.

But how should we understand these rankings? What is the 'internet freedom' they measure?

Read the article by @tanyalokot and myself to find out


batalanto , avatar

@Marielle_W @politicalscience @tanyalokot totally belongs in the dog house. They claim to “Protect a Free and ” and yet their own website is on a repressive exclusive site. WTF. They actually claim¹ CF can talk about “Internet blocking and the consequences for human rights.” I had a medical emergency & could not access health info because of Cloudflare.

diyrebel , to Fediverse in Introducing - Lemmy instance status monitor for all popular instances

I think this project has some tools that might automate that:

They ID and track every website that joins . It’s a huge effort but those guys are on top of it. A script could check the list of domains against their list. There is also this service (from the same devs) which does some checks:…/html/

but caveat: if a non-CF domain (e.g. example.tld) has a CF host (e.g. somehost.example.tld), that tool will return YES for the whole domain.

Manually adjusting availability is a can of worms that I don’t want to open

I would suggest not bothering with any complex math, and simply do the calculation as you normally do but then if a site is Cloudflare cap whatever the calculated figure is to 98%. Probably most (if not all) CF sites would be 100% anyway, so they would just be reduced by 2%. Though it would need to be explained somewhere – the beauty of which would be to help inform people that the CF walled garden is excluding people. Cloudflare’s harm perpetuates to a large extent because people are unaware that it’s an exclusive walled garden that marginalizes people.

miklo , to Random in FBI zarekwirowało niezaszyfrowaną bazę danych avatar

@harcesz A o tym, że wszystkie dane do/z serwera są czytane również przez to też gdzieś informuje ludzi ? 🙄 W sensie że używa ich proxy:…

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