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Though I enjoy and am currently using , I wish I learned about sooner. I didn't understand why game performance felt so off with my dual monitor setup for several months. I have since dabbled with an DE for some gaming, and Wayland support has alleviated those problems. However, I plan to look into other options when I've organized my data a bit more and establish proper backups. Learning , , , and tweaking were also useful for making my workflow into what it is. Also, I wish I knew how bad and support would be. Despite getting used to their applications, the absence of feature parity is immensely disappointing.

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Whenever I see one of the three music players I wish there was one with properly (easy) to configure album art display.

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Okay, so. I have a and a file. And I’d like to compare them. And since I’m a programmer, I don’t want to compare them visually, but with a . But how?

Like this.

alias pdfcat='gs -q -sDEVICE=txtwrite -o-'
alias doccat='pandoc -t plain'

pdfcat a.pdf > a.txt
doccat b.docx > b.txt

git diff --no-index --word-diff a.txt b.txt

And since we’re using --word-diff, it doesn’t matter that the two files use wildly different line wrapping.

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