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In an alternate history timeline, do you think the industrial revolution happens without the Protestant movement?

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@1dalm In a non-fiction example, in Amitav Ghosh's "The Great Derangement" the author points out that many of the compontents of fossil fuel consumption like the use of oil and coal are actually much older than we think and were used heavily in places like Burma and China. So the point is that things could have gone differently with different circumstances.



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The Opium Queen

Opium Queen is the true story of the widely mythologized genderqueer Burmese opium-pioneer of noble Chinese descent, Olive Yang, who secretly ran an anti-communist rebel army supported by the CIA in the 1950s heyday of the Golden Triangle.


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    extremists (, , , even some in ) are pushing people away from especially considering they don't read the texts they preach or model themselves after their prophets.


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