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I’m trying to stave off overwhelm at the moment but thinking of always makes me feel better. @3goodthings

🧹 My kitchen floor is clean for a change.

🔑 The keys I thought were lost turned up when I picked up everything from the bedroom floor.

🌒 Im enjoying seeing all the eclipse photos.

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  1. All of the items I ordered last week arrived today.
  2. No heavy rain today.
  3. French conversation on Zoom.
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  1. Total eclipse and I’m in the path of totality baby! 🕶️ living in is pretty nice sometimes
  2. Local EMTs driving by being wise guys and playing songs like “Blinded by the Light” and “Here Comes the Sun” 🌞
  3. My family loves science as much as I do :underheart:
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@3goodthings for 07 Apr 2024

👕 Clean laundry

🍽️ Clean kitchen counters and stovetop

🚰 Clean drinking fountain for cats

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Three positive things for today:

  1. Got the lawn mowed (that was also today's exercise).
  2. Started an archeological dig into the linen closed. Found 3 sets of bedding (mostly non-matching), several stray sheets and pillow cases, blankets, a portal to Narnia, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  3. Got some laundry done.

(Wow! My life is exciting. Not.)


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  1. Kitchen cupboards all sorted. Two bags of things for the charity shop, and out of date food removed. Unwanted food items that are not out of date are going to the food bank.
  2. Letter and card completed to send to my friends in eastern France (their birthdays come close together). First met via the local Twinning Group.
  3. Twinning Groups. They are really a good thing. Much needed these days.
Jason844 , to 3goodthings group avatar

Three positive things for today:

  1. The redbud trees are now in full bloom and more tulips (white and one red) are up and blooming.
  2. Productive couple of hours wood working. Made more useful parts as compared to scrap and saw dust. 🙂
  3. Back exercising: 30 minutes/8.3 miles on the stationary bike.


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@3goodthings for 06 Apr 2024

🛏️ put clean sheets on the bed

🧰 bought some small parts organizer boxes for sorting out the various coin collections cluttering up my top dresser drawer

🍫 found chocolate bunnies on clearance at the supermarket; made my wife and roommates happy

Melinda , to 3goodthings group avatar


  1. Thursday I saw a kestrel, Friday a red kite, today a sparrow hawk. The presence of these top predators gives me hope that the local ecosystem is healthy.
  2. Our paddock of long grass has a barn owl quartering it. This is another good sign that our efforts to make the area wildlife friendly are working.
  3. An old clock that belonged to my grandmother has started to chime again after 15 years of silence. The chimes are a reminder of days gone by.
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A little late, but from yesterday (Friday):

🥪 A really nice lunch with two friends, one of whom I haven’t had a chance to see in a while.

🙏🏻 Got in a good confession, just in time for Divine Mercy Sunday.

🌞 Sunshine the last couple of days always brightens the mood!


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@3goodthings for 05 Apr 2024

🍩 Roommates got donuts, had extras

🫙 My package of mason jars arrived

🎵 Picked up some more music on from TMBG, Patrick Scott Barry, Shpongle, Synthek, and klack

innervisioner , to 3goodthings group avatar

Mornin’ 🌤️.

  1. Amy Lame in 6Music weekends with a stylish wake-up.📻

  2. Did all the gnarly family admin. ✅

  3. Getting longer sleep lately. 💤


WuMargaret , to 3goodthings group

Three good things about today:

  1. Productive work day
  2. Ducked out of work early today (with boss’s encouragement) to play Pickleball with the family.
  3. Sleepover with Ms. 6.
Melinda , to 3goodthings group avatar


  1. Finished all the chores I needed to do today.
  2. It was a fairly dry day.
  3. A bank of primroses.
KokopelliBFree , to 3goodthings group German avatar

1 - 3) Made it through a day of uttermost too much. Wouldn't have without the support I had. Grateful.

Also: Was gifted a coffee full of kindness, had a , stayed creative. Thankful.


(pics from earlier this week)


Close-up of yellow mahonia flowers.

kerravonsen , to 3goodthings group avatar

Three good things:

  1. The pharmacy had Trulicity.
  2. The plumber came and fixed my dripping tap (and we both agreed that the weather was beautiful today).
  3. My nephew was dropping by to pick up a game he was borrowing, which motivated me to finish fixing up the bracelet I'd made him for Christmas (it was too small). Bracelet fixed, a nice chat was had, game was borrowed. All good.
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Yesterday's good things

  • sat outside with a mug of tea for a few minutes and put out more bird seed. Saw a wood pigeon eat some of the seed and suet mix.
  • watched a butterfly sun itself and identified it later as a Speckled Wood
  • after doing the bins, I had leftover lentil daal with bread for an easy lunch
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@3goodthings for 04 Apr 2024

🚗 Drove my roommate to the RMV so he could get his out-of-state drivers license transferred

❄️ Took a relaxing walk through the afternoon snow

🍪 Baked some cookies

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🌸 It was sunny and warm enough to sit in the garden with my book and my coffee this morning, not for long, but it's the first time I've done that this year.

✂️ The bedroom wallpaper came off much easier than the stuff in the living room, plus there was a lot less of it.

🚗 The learner driver teen hadn't driven for six months but coped admirably with chauffeuring me home on a dark rainy evening.

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  1. A day out (by necessity but still enjoyable).
  2. Fluffy dog enjoyed a walk by a very brown, but elegant lake. Run off from flooded fields is causing the brown colour.
  3. It didn't rain while we were out and about.
KokopelliBFree , to 3goodthings group German avatar

  1. Took another leap of faith into my power.
  2. Two valuable exchanges with kind people.
  3. Wet back from an appointment.

Bonus: Stayed creative.



A tulip bud.
White flowering heather with green tops.
First unfolding leaves on a hazel hedge.

steve , to 3goodthings group

I know it’s Thursday, but @3goodthings from yesterday Wednesday 3rd April:

  1. My birthday.
  2. Day off from work means a lie-in.
  3. Registered at doggy school.
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