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The friendship of our children.
Our power to heal each other with love.
God's love for us all.

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@3goodthings After a long hiatus.

  1. Grading some capstone papers - and they are well-written! (Not always true, sadly.)
  2. Spouse unfortunately caught COVID after dodging it for four years, but so far everyone else in the house is miraculously negative!
  3. Kiddo actually requested leftover lasagna I made for tomorrow’s lunch. Proud cook! (Not at all a master chef over here.)
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So here's to either start or end your day depending on where you are in the world:

  1. Good class tonight. I think in general are always good things, tbh.
  2. My oak pollen allergies are finally starting to wane a bit
  3. My next door neighbor nicely blew all the acorns and fingerhats off of my driveway and sidewalk just because.


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  1. Had a good weights session :bugcatbuffedthumbsup:
  2. Worked the first paid hours of my current gig :bugcatmoney:
  3. Made some small progress in research :bugcatworkwithease:
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  1. OPKs (Other People's Kids)
  2. Sudafed (aka the real stuff)
  3. The friends we made along the way.

I sound like a jerk, but I really do mean that last one.

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📺 Bluey
🌈 Mikan’s videos on YouTube. Always mesmerising (
🛋️ My cosy living room

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Three Good Things:

  1. An actual WHOLE weekend off work is in sight 👀

  2. A spectacular weekend of rugby - Scotland winning their 4th Calcutta Cup in a row; Italy coming soooo close to taking Paris 🏉

  3. I'm still thinking about the massive dirty burger I ordered the other night 🍔


nocto , to 3goodthings avatar


🌅 A rosy gold sunset lighting up red brick walls.

🎂 The teen’s birthday cake that was supposed to be delivered on Friday finally actually got delivered and seems to be going down well despite the delay.

🍦 I found more fancy ice cream cones left in the cupboard after I was told there were none.

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Hello there...every day that I use Mastodon, I like to list three things that I like as a contribution towards a positive online space, as well as my own headspace. If you did this today, what would feature on your list?
01. Although my laptop charger burst into flames, I have borrowed my daughter's and I'm on my computer for a bit (until she gets home!)
02. I read a good Salman Rushdie book yesterday
03. I am tired but, nevertheless, worked an eight hour day and then practiced the violin when I got home today

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Morning edition of , hear ye:

  1. Start my newest job in about an hour.
  2. Birds are singing.
  3. For the moment it isn’t hot as blazes (will be soon enough).

Nice to have an early start, but as this will be my life now, better get used to it.


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🧼 My new body wash has arrived and it smells so good, sea salt & mint. And it's cheap too!

📆 Two more days to payday.

💓 Having an understanding husband who doesn't mind handling my mood swings and period cramps frenzy during my menstruation cycles.

mythopoetica , to 3goodthings avatar

for , which was not too bad, all things considered.

  1. A moment of appreciation for stuffed vegetables in any shape or form. They exist across cultures and cuisines. They are splendid.
  2. I'm still on my Iced Latte kick and they still make my day.
  3. Passionfruit and sunflower oil shower gel.


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Jaimebatiz , to 3goodthings

Today is particularly hard for me to find good things. Here is what I got:

  1. Family returned safe and sound from long drive in the morning
  2. My wife is an amazing person
  3. Watching TV with the kids
Melinda , to 3goodthings avatar


  1. The sheep up the road have been let out with their lambs.
  2. Grey cat is playing 'imaginary mice'. He loves this game.
  3. I can access e-mails again. No more 'oops something went wrong' messages.
nocto , to 3goodthings avatar


🧹 Cleaned out the vacuum cleaner so it actually holds onto the bits it has sucked up rather than sporadically dumping them out again.

👣 My carpets are now a lot nicer underfoot as a result.

☀️ Got a good dose of morning sunshine even if my fingers have frozen off.

GratitudeJournaling , to 3goodthings avatar


🎮 Finally finished HSR Trailblaze Mission until the most updated version.

🩸 Having a regular menstruation cycle.

🔥 My bootleg Flaming Hot snacks have arrived. I can finally taste the flavour that I love — without spending 10x the price for the original due to not being available in my country.

mythopoetica , to 3goodthings avatar

Trying for again:

  1. Kumquats and a yummy mini papaya granola bowl for breakfast.
  2. Quiet reading time on a Sunday evening. I'm still reading Jenny Colgan's Mure series.
  3. Watermelon and lemon-scented shower foam.


mythopoetica , to 3goodthings avatar

I almost wanted to say "Bah Humbug" for today's , given I'm hobbling about on a walking cane today and am likely to need it for a few more days until my spine calms TF down. But, let's do it anyway.

  1. The weather's nice. Not too hot, not too cold.
  2. Kumquats and a mini papaya granola bowl for brunch was lovely.
  3. My blood sugars behaving after I reduced my insulin dosage as an experiment (don't do this at home, I'm following doctor guidelines).


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Mornin’ to you, how’s your Sunday going so far?

  1. Did loads of work yesterday. Just one day needed to tie up loose ends on both jobs.

  2. Gonna take time back this week for sleep and rest. Ridiculously happy about that!

  3. Planning a short camping trip for Spring.


genXcrone , to 3goodthings avatar


  1. Yusuf Cat Stevens' music.
  2. Libby & Hoopla.
  3. Online peer support groups for chronic illness.
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  1. Spent the afternoon baking. Mostly done while I was sitting down but the results are ok: one chocolate cake.
  2. Ordered some new cutlery, the handles are falling off the old set.
  3. The world was white with frost first thing, magical.
mythopoetica , to 3goodthings avatar

for a sleepy Saturday night

  1. Hanging out with a friend, officially my first social Saturday in years (though we've hung out on weekdays before). Trifecta of great convo with a fellow introvert, great food and bookstore met.
  2. Top-notch instant ramen and buffalo wings for dinner while watching DS9 s3, "The House of Quark" which had me laughing so loud.
  3. The fact that it's a Saturday Night and I'm about to crawl into bed with a book.


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