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Aspiring fantasy author and geek editing a first book, The Last Philosopher, that I've been calling Fantasy/Attempted comedy.
Posts are a mix of general geekdom, humour, writing, reading, books, libraries, and the occasional recommendation.

Me tags: #Writing #Author #Fantasy #Comedy #Satire
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"I'm a strange person. Sometimes I hardly know what I'm going to do or say next. Sometimes I seem a stranger to myself. Sometimes what I do surprises me and I can't understand why I do it."
—Philip K. Dick

Max R. J. Ovbi is a Swedish independent poet and writer.

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Aka rabia.elizabeth on Metafilter as of February 2023. Sheydem-tants is my old handle.

GenX, US citizen, now living in #Andalucia, Spain. #Muslimah, occasional writer of fiction and blog posts on #Islam, editor, translator.

Currently learning Arabic, very slowly. #ActuallyAutistic .

Expect some cat and food related posts! #AmWriting #Writing #AmQuerying #Editing #Translation #Castellano #Islam cover avatar


Poet, marketer, lover of birds and bugs. Slow, but steady. She/Her. ✨ I believe in whimsy, nonsense, love, hope, and revelry. Not an expert, just opinionated. #poetry #tech #marketing #ux #userresearch #philosophy #mentalhealth #books #womenintech #fedi22 #mindfulness #nature #ethics #hiking #tattoos #art #coffee #minimalism #selfcare #travel #intersectionalfeminism #ecophilosophy #socialpsychology #digitalnomad cover avatar


audiobook narrator/voice actor + writer/editor/script dev/filmmaker + much more. artist & friend of artists. human & friend of humans. thinker. feeler.


My posts are licensed CC-BY-NC-ND - see

#fedi22 #Audiobooks #AudiobookNarrator #VoiceActor #Romance

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#haiku, korte verhalen/short stories/, columns, poëzie//poésie.
Kortom, het basismateriaal is taal.

all content is © and 100% human
haiku, senryu, other poems and short stories published in a.o. 'The Auroras & Blossoms Haiku Anthology: Volume 1', 'The Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal', 'The Folk Ku Journal', 'The Scarlet Dragonfly Journal' 'The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMoAnthology: Volume 4'


Auteur 'Cherchez la femme. Travestie als fenomeen' (Vassallucci, 1996) cover avatar


#Author, Cloud Consultant, #Naturist, #Linux fan, #theremin, #bodhran player and #MicroFreak owner.
Also #vegan and #EVdriver.

Find out more about me:

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Creative writing coach, writer, painter, autism and ADHD, wrestling fan, devotee of Animal Crossing and Cozy Grove, 2% neanderthal.

I'm putting my creative writing business together and I need testimonials. So for a limited time, I'll critique any story, up to 10,000 words, for FREE.

You can also have the full CW treatment: I can help you address areas in your writing you wish to improve and/or help expand your creativity.

Message me for more info. Or just to chat. 😁 cover avatar


Warm intelligent accessible #SFF Our Child of the Stars/Our Child of Two Worlds. #writer

#Free #fiction on website and smart #newsletter.

Bi, parent, humane, "writes beautifully" I'm told. UK/the world.
I help writers with their writing

craft and business of writing/ science health policy/ professional communicator

Profile photo: genial white bearded guy grey hair and beard, in shirt with braces UK suspenders (USA) cover avatar


We are Auroras & Blossoms. We live and breathe PoArtMo (Positive Actions Rally Thoughts & Momentum). We are inclusive and family-friendly. Join us!

Co-founders: Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis cover avatar


Not a bot but a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; a very very slow reader; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; an ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions. Expect many typing errors.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. cover avatar


Neurodivergent Manitoba Interlake settler (Zone 3, Treaty One), musician, grower of consumables, parent of felines and canines. He/Him/Goblin.
In a 12-step program for cynicism. Members: Me and my dog Bo.
Pic is a middle aged bearded white dude in a Bill Monroe t-shirt, looking thoughtful.
Banner is Hellbert - see pinned post.
Cusses too much. Takes requests. Knows tech stuff and will help you with unix problems. No patience for fascists or their stooges. cover avatar


Mostly harmless. Interests include books, science, science fiction, music, history, Buddhism amongst other things. cover avatar


Aussie in Singas.

Writer. Code dabbler. Former TV/film/commercial video producer/director/actor.

Married to @CeeZedby
Two bratty sons.

One of my novels (read it for free):

Fingerprint: 79A1 DC6C D367 8A31 135A 7AFA 940E 4231 D7B9 B15C

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✨ Ursula Katherine Spiller ✨
writer, author, scribbler ~ film lover ~ enthusiast of random things
🏳️‍🌈 very queer ~ all pronouns 🏳️‍🌈 ~ AuDHD cover avatar


Human, writer, photographer, gardener, working joe, mother, fact seeker, veritas inlustrat: source please! cover avatar


Scottish resident SF/F author (he/him/they/them). Latest book, SEASON OF SKULLS (Publishers: UK: Orbit, USA: Next book: A CONVENTIONAL BOY (2024). Does not play well with Nazis. Abolish the monarchy! on Bluesky

blogs at: cover avatar


Watch my scifi film NEW on DUST Network Writer/Director @NetworkISA living in the SF Bay Area
Dev. Slate. Making movies: Yelling about Movies at #YabtM. cover avatar


Retiree. Soto Zen nun, practices in a repurposed tool shed. Former forester, university library manager and permaculture-adjacent smallholder. Kalapuya lands. Buddhism, poetry, gardening, homesteading, climate and disaster resilience, hermits. Living with leukemia.

Sometimes I may boost a thing to note it was said, which is not at all the same as agreeing with it. avatar


Io credo che a questo mondo esista solo una grande chiesa, che parte da Mercatello e arriva fino a Santa Teresa... cover avatar


Returned to University of Queensland in 2018 to study ancient history, Latin, ancient Greek.
Ancient Greek in 2023.
Whatever I do in life, I want Athena on my side. 📷: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
#AncientHistory #AncientGreece #AncientRome #AncientMed #HellenisticPeriod #Classics #LinguaLatina #AncientGreek #ClassicalGreek #histodon #histodons #fedi22 cover avatar


Writer. Artist. Folklorist. Creative services strategist. Probably definitely autistic. In Corvallis, Oregon. cover avatar


A professional writer and amateur photographer. I take a lot of walks and talk to squirrels, trees, and crows. I believe in the power of mutual aid to help build strong communities. I write books. A lot of books. Like, really a lot of books. Magic is real. Justice is worth fighting for. Many Gods. No Masters. Queer with a chronic illness. They/Them #AmWriting #IndieAuthors #Writing #SFF #SocialJustice #Magic #SpiritualPractice #bookstodon #photography cover avatar


Tree-hugging indie fantasy author
#IndieAuthor #FantasyBooks #HopePunk cover avatar


Writer, poet, author, and visual artist (photography, painting, digital art).

Latest releases: "The Meaning" and "The Homes We Seek" - Available everywhere books are sold.

Latest digital project: The Home We Seek.

Co-editor: Auroras & Blossoms / A Warm Mug of Cozy.

Creator of the Sixku, Flashku, Sepigram, and Reminigram.
Co-creator of the Kindku, Pareiku, Vardhaku, and Hemingku. cover avatar


Software engineer. I write about how to manage your knowledge garden with a system for your craft.

Currently, I’m moving to #emacs from #obsidian slowly.

My interest: cover avatar


I live in rural #aotearoa/ in an earth brick house that looks like a Romanesque abbey. I spend my time coding, making electronic stuff, a bit of writing, some woodwork and a lot of gardening.
Weather permitting I kayak and hike.
I try to use my old, white, male privilege for good.
My header shows a mountain tarn on the Kepler track, with Te Anau in the distance (except the cloud got in the way). My profile is clipped from a shot taken on the Tongariro Crossing before I got tired. cover avatar


I play with words, cameras & computers cover avatar


Art is the lie that tells the truth. Attributed to Picasso but known by all artists “Every blade of grass isn’t required to find the beauty in a meadow” I take forever & a day to vet ,keep my follow list small so we can get to know each other & visit everyone that follows to find connections & humor but still may not follow back. I’d rather have strong connections & lots of kind acquaintances than just a giant pool of strangers & I swear like a longshoreman & block asshats #fedi22 cover avatar


💉x7 + 😷 indoors = Novid

Theme parks. World's Fairs. Miniature buildings. Stereoscopy. Ebicyclist. Reader of non-fiction, mostly. Science enthusiast. Fountain pen user, letter and postcard writer. Occasional typewriter user. Faux-mail artist. Not remotely religious or spiritual. Cat person. Rootin', tootin'. ɿɘɘniǫɒmI ɘƨɿɘvɘR. Woolgatherer.

Banner and avatar: an antique lithograph of a chimpanzee in a brown plaid suit and tweed flat cap riding a bicycle.

You can't spell excrement without 𝕏. cover avatar


poet and journalist based in and around jerusalem

• worked in two media outlets currently banned/closed in russia
• used to do a book news segment on the radio
• my book of poetry is due to be published in early 2024 (baruch hashem)
• on a somehow tough road of repatriation since january

call me ash, btw cover avatar


Jag är bara en potatis. En PotatisApa.

På svenska & in English.

Jag arbetar med ett bokmanus om Ryssland.

I’m working on a book about Russia.📚

FÖLJ MIN resa mot bokutgivning på:

(endast på svenska!)

Profilbilden föreställer en schimpans med en schimpansunge i famnen.

Profile pic: A chimp with a baby chimp. cover avatar


Christian Quaker, software developer, anarchist, Green, and many other things I am not very good at.

He/Him. Also respond to it/Oi/Shut up you idiot.

#Nobridge #Nothreads #Nofascists

Header image: Seascape sunset.
Avatar: A cat above a message that says "Schroedingers cat is " and then an image with the words "alive" and "dead" combined. avatar


Another writer looking for a home. Always open for a chat. Always open to new ideas except hateful ones. They can just go away.
I publish my fiction three times a week over at
I am generally not a very serious person.
People helping people is praxis
#writer #writing #millenialhomeowner

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