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My cover designer sent me the attached earlier, with the following question. "Why use a real cover designer when you can create masterpieces like this using AI?"

For those that don't know, the attack on Pearl Harbor was carried out by the Japanese. The planes on the cover are German Fw190s.

I've blurred the author name because I have no desire to cause a pile-on.

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It may be apocryphal, but supposedly Harry Turtledove wrote Guns of the South because an artist sent his publisher a history book cover illustration with Robert E. Lee holding an AK-47....

This book, obviously, is not alternate history science fiction, though it's nice to see the Fw190 get some love.

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@PSchweig86 On a side note, I think this is one of HT's better books. I find it an enjoyable/quick "what if" read. @RPBook @militaryhistory @worldwarshistory

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