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Gah. I've just visited a group on Facebook, and the first two posts I saw were wrong.

One had a photo of a Sturmtiger claiming it was a Maus.

The other mentioned the Victoria Cross. It correctly mentioned that only one person won the VC twice during the war, but then listed how many VCs were awarded by country, and missed out New Zealand. Charles Upham, the man who won it twice, was a New Zealander.

I feel like I'm being trolled.


synlogic ,

@RPBook @worldwarshistory in my experienced "being on Facebook" is not a filter which selects for the sharpest knives in the drawer, haha. generally other sites and forums serve as a better signal for that

RPBook OP ,
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@synlogic @worldwarshistory True. I'm using Facebook less and less, but some of my friends are there, and it's how we keep in touch.

Maybe I should leave the groups that I'm in though :)

synlogic ,

@RPBook @worldwarshistory I hear you. everybody is in similar boat

I will say that I've generally had a better time interacting with folks on places that are a little more elite or geeky, like Mastodon. Facebook and Twitter are among the worst. Reddit has gotten bad in the big forums. YouTube obvs a hellhole. in theory HN should be nice but its riddled with pinhead psychopaths, so, theres that, haha

RPBook OP ,
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@synlogic @worldwarshistory yeah, I'm finding Mastodon to be much more pleasant :)

BRMiller ,
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@RPBook @synlogic @worldwarshistory I have relatives across several states who ONLY stay in touch via FaceBook (no email even).
I use groups mainly to point people towards online resources for local history & family history that they're probably not aware of. A local group has put 20 years of journals online free as PDFs which can be downloaded & searched, for instance. Not doing much discussion there, though.

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