FenrirIII ,
@FenrirIII@lemmy.world avatar

I'm going to be a pessimist here: China is paying close attention. A natural disaster would make a perfect smokescreen for an invasion of Taiwan.

Aurenkin ,

Yeah this was pretty scary. Luckily we were ok here, just some things fell over and some scared pets but no injuries.

Hegar ,

No fatalities reported yet for the largest quake in 25 years? That seems pretty impressive.

I have to guess that the years of tightening up enforcement of earthquake preparedness played a big part in that.

CookieOfFortune ,

One death reported now, but yeah for a quake that strong it seems handled well.

deadbeef79000 ,

Won't someone think of the shareholder value that was lost by complying with these onerous earthquake building regulations?

quindraco ,

I mean, it isn't the strongest quake in 25 years. Unclear why the source is making that claim. From what I can tell, the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami is. There have also been quite a few stronger quakes than this one in the past 25 years - I started making you a list and quit when I realized I'd exceeded 5.

My best guess is that the source meant strongest quake in 25 years in Taiwan, but why not actually say that if they meant it?

Hegar ,

25 years in Taiwan, but why not actually say that

I forgot to mention that but the article does say that.

quindraco ,

Thankfully, it seems that Taiwan is the opposite of Turkey and enforced its building codes.

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