First upcoming /kbin release!?!

Yes you heard that right, we are planning for the first /kbin release. Currently most server admins are running directly from the develop branch since /kbin is still in very (early) active development.

That being said, we are planning for creating the first tagged released of /kbin! We still merge several pull requests, but holding off a bit. At the same time we are looking at all the high priority issues, seeing if some of those can be resolved or mitigated before the first tagged version.

I already introduced some basic CI/CD Workflow Actions within Codeberg. Also Ernest setup several development environments. All these preparations are necessary to achieve a better, faster and more stable release cycle in the near future.

Thanks to all contributors and of course @ernest and @piotrsikora. Thank you all for this wonderful community and becoming part of it.


Funny rocket release icon with bird...
vintprox ,
vintprox avatar

Haha, that aged well, didn't it? Join Mbin :)))

Szwendacz ,

Stable release seem a really good idea to help bigger instances keep stable, as that is what users probably want. Meanwhile mine likely will follow devel branch :]

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

It's indeed a good idea to follow the develop branch until further notice.

Szwendacz ,

Damn, seeing latest commits to branch I guess it it time for another update of my instance.

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

I indeed made some... Improvements.. 😅

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