🚨Update your kbin instance again 🚨

I pushed recently various sql improvements into the develop branch: https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/commits/branch/develop

I advise all /kbin server owners to update their instance again!

I went through all the source code, fixing all possible sql injections once and for all. I have no idea how this all ended up in the code in the first place to be honest.
New code needs to be peer reviewed thus verified by another person, unit tested and follow our coding style guide as well.

RoundSparrow ,

Thank you for reviewing and fixing the SQL.

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

Don't forget the subscribe the magazine, if you wish to get more updates.

RoundSparrow ,

Maybe this is a good a place as any to ask... is there any reason the project Docker install is using PostgreSQL 13? I edited the docker compose scripts to use alpine 15 version of PostgreSQL and it seems to work fine. There are performance improvements in newer releases on indexes and such that would benefit the project.

Can someone established in the project do a pull request to change it?

I know existing installs would need to do an upgrade that revises the data, but surely new installs can start using 15?

Thank you.

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

I was trying to accomplish the same thing months ago (https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/pulls/235). But I think we can now even migrate to v16. Feel free to create a new PR again.

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