Damaskox , (edited )
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How do you crosspost (in kbin.social)?

ernest ,
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@Damaskox It still requires work. Currently, it's more about presenting threads.


daredevil ,
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From my understanding, if you simply repost a link that has already been posted to another magazine, then both threads reference each other in the comments section. These references include the # of comments, votes, boosts, magazine location, user who crossposted etc. You are able to change the title.

Example of crossposting links:

Images work the same way, if they're copies of the same image.

Example of crossposting images:

This functionality also works with threads only containing text. I'm less certain about this, but I imagine the body text has to match exactly. I haven't really tested beyond this one example.

Example of crossposting text threads:

Damaskox OP ,
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@daredevil I noticed the crosspost box came to view when I copied a thread link into another place.

So cross-posting works already - in a way.

e0qdk ,
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It's not based on image matches; my "Happy Halloween!" thread ended up with crosspost links to posts that just used the same title even though they have completely different images.



daredevil ,
@daredevil@kbin.social avatar

Thanks, I made an assumption in my previous post because I had crossposted a text thread on another occasion where I changed the title, and it still worked. Appreciate the additional context.

jeena ,
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Damaskox OP ,
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@jeena I'm in kbin.social.

I don't see a cross-posting icon under a thread of mine 😥

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