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eblu ,
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shopping for / / instances—anyone have any recommendations?

chall8908 ,

@eblu I've been on kbin.social (the main kbin instance) for a while and it's been working well. I prefer the kbin UI over lemmy and I think that's really the only reason to pick one over the other at this point.

testing ,
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alt texts from pixelfed are being displayed on kbin (kbin supports alt text, but it's rarely visible) > in this case, alt texts come with another bug: you can see the first image attached to the post, whereas the alt texts displayed belong to image 2 and 3 > see the original post here: https://pixelfed.social/p/irfan/611155684845967802

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  • duanetoops ,
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    The first book was beyond enjoyable! Excited to start the second!


    duanetoops OP ,
    @duanetoops@mstdn.party avatar

    @Jennifer @jgoodleaf @Narayoni @bookstodon @murderbotbot followed! Lol!

    Narayoni ,
    @Narayoni@mastodon.social avatar

    @Jennifer @duanetoops @jgoodleaf @bookstodon @murderbotbot that's so cool! But I guess I should refrain from following it until I finish the series (coz spoilers!).

    fediversereport ,
    @fediversereport@mastodon.social avatar

    Last Week in - ep 36

    Been a busy week, with:

    • , with tons of cool demos and interesting sessions
    • 4.2 has officially launched
    • After reporting on the CSAM attacks at a few weeks, new tools are being developed to help admins deal with this. One example is scanning images with generative AI, that can run locally on an admin's GPU, without uploading images anywhere.

    Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-episode-36/

    Gina ,
    @Gina@fosstodon.org avatar

    Goodmorning ☕️

    sandzwerg ,
    @sandzwerg@chaos.social avatar

    @Gina Snickers over "messy" as description for the room

    GillesLeCorre2 , French
    @GillesLeCorre2@toot.aquilenet.fr avatar

    Bonjour tout le monde du et de

    De la buée sur les vitres de la fenêtre dont nous n'avions pas fermé les volets. C'est la première fois depuis le printemps. Les nuits commencent à être fraîches, eh oui.

    Bon dimanche les ami•e•s

    hariette ,
    @hariette@artemis.camp avatar

    Hey y’all, it’s been a while. Had a rough month with a flare up of my chronic pain. Doing better now and had a chance to recharge. And I’m so dying to get back to contributing to the community ✨❤️

    Fitik ,
    @Fitik@kbin.social avatar

    @hariette I'm happy to see you back!! Welcome back, we are glad that you're feeling better

    dannekrose ,

    Sharing some or projects you might not have heard about.

    1. Inventaire.io https://inventaire.io/welcome - Manage your physical books or other items (board games perhaps) and keep track of who has what when lending or borrowing items. ActivityPub enabled.
    2. Thedesk.top - A bit overwhelmingly full-featured alternative UI to Mastodon/Firefish/Misskey/*key forks. Some aspects may be very confusing but for some, the workflow and customization it provides are powerful.
    harmonea ,
    @harmonea@kbin.social avatar

    My account seems broken? :\ For the last month+ I can't get any thread I create to show up in its magazine, even when the magazine is a local one. Comments are fine, microblog posts are fine, threads show up in my profile but never the magazine.

    Admittedly I don't try very often, but that makes it all the more disheartening when I feel like "yay, I finally have something worth sharing" and, well, no apparently I don't.

    e569668 ,
    @e569668@fedia.io avatar

    @harmonea you may be blocking a domain, which causes a bug detailed here. tl;dr blocking any domain on kbin.social right now hides any non-link entries and comments on them. removing them all fixes it, it's fixed in latest which hopefully the main site gets soon

    harmonea OP ,
    @harmonea@kbin.social avatar

    @e569668 Oh, hrm. I am blocking a domain, yes. Sophie's choice: see the crap or lose the ability to contribute - haha

    Thank you very much for your help and the knowledge that a fix is ready to go soon(ish(maybe)).

    J12t ,
    @J12t@social.coop avatar

    The Free Software Foundation Europe set up a website to help move governments from proprietary social media to the .

    Excellent idea!


    AxelNennker ,
    @AxelNennker@mastodon.social avatar

    @J12t Sehr gute Idee

    "Wir möchten Behörden davon überzeugen, ihren Einsatz von Sozialen Medien zu überdenken. Das ist mit dem schrittweisen Übergang zu föderierten Freien-Software-Lösungen möglich. "

    Demnächst hier?: https://www.potsdam.de/de/social-media-angebote-der-landeshauptstadt-potsdam

    J12t ,
    @J12t@social.coop avatar

    About half of the Fediverse addresses typed by FediForum attendees into the session notes are missing the leading "@".

    People typed in their very own Fediverse handles. And because they came to FediForum, it's very likely they are very well acquainted with the right syntax.

    Pretty strong circumstantial evidence that most people won't be able to distinguish Fediverse handles from e-mail addresses.

    I have long believed that they should be the same.

    JohnJBurnsIII ,
    @JohnJBurnsIII@kzoo.to avatar


    And when said person loses control of the email address (e.g. broadband provider change, employer change, etc.)...

    What does that person do? Lose entire setup and start again?

    Asking, because this is how many forums did it... and it was wrong then.

    toplesstopics ,
    @toplesstopics@eldritch.cafe avatar

    pie-in-the-sky feature request for / : instead of having to censor a whole image or post, have specific categories we can check, like "nudity" "sexual" "eye contact" "spider" etc so that only people who have that filtered out won't see it (or will see the censorship blur) and those of us who aren't filtering it out won't have to deal with it being preemptively censored? (maybe make all the categories "opt in," like "I AM okay with seeing this"

    weekinfediverse ,
    @weekinfediverse@mitra.social avatar
    testing ,
    adamsdesk ,
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