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Damaskox ,
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What are badges?
I see a mention of them in magazine options.

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox These are the equivalents of Reddit flairs. The owner can define badges to additionally label and organize content in their own magazine. After the introduction of the new frontend, this feature has not been rewritten. We will be working on it in the coming months.

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

How does one embed a GIF so it shows in a comment without clicking any links?

Test: https://tenor.com/fi/view/this-is-just-sad-sad-angry-mock-horror-gif-11156785

Test 2: <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="11156785" data-share-method="host" data-aspect-ratio="1.77515" data-width="100%"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/this-is-just-sad-sad-angry-mock-horror-gif-11156785">This Is Just Sad Angry GIF</a>from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/this+is+just+sad-gifs">This Is Just Sad GIFs</a></div> <script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script>

Test 3: I tried to add it as a picture as a file from the computer but editing this comment doesn't add it.

Damaskox OP ,
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ContentConsumer9999 ,

This works!

Skavau ,

Would it be of interest for someone to set up an /m/abandonedcommunities or /m/findamod or even some /m/revivedcommunities magazine to act as a megaphone for revived communities of interest, or to bring attention to unused communities? I know there's abandoned list but it's effectively a big wall of communities.

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

Would it be acceptable in kbin etiquette to add a tag in at least one thread in a magazine I created, and when talking about stuff in other places that touch the same topic, I use the same tag there as well to "promote" the existence of the magazine?

daredevil ,
@daredevil@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox I'd imagine it's alright, as long as you aren't doing so excessively. Other magazines/places might have a rule or disclaimer in the sidebar that will give you a rough idea on how they feel about it.

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox The magazine tags work in a way that automatically adds content to it that someone has tagged, for example, on Mastodon. The magazine's name is automatically a tag. I've seen comments on this matter, and I'll be addressing it soon to improve the mechanism and provide a detailed description of its operation in the admin panel. So, for example, all posts tagged on the microblog will be included in the magazine "books," but you can add a tag like in the panel if you want those tags to be included as well.

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

How do I add an image to a magazine so it's visible without clicking (image) links?
Didn't find info about it when searching.

Squidcopter ,
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So many magazines that were created by default as a result only have 1 moderator: Ernest.
While this is the case, anyone is free to post whatever the hell they want no matter how unrelated or low quality. This is what has prevented me from coming back daily.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@Squidcopter sorry to hear this

Damaskox ,
@Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

@Squidcopter Can you look for a magazine where folks "behave"? Where they create content that actually follows the magazine's theme?
Yeah it can take resources to find one but if could be rewarding enough for ya to establish beginning conditions for you in here!

subignition ,
@subignition@kbin.social avatar

Is it possible to submit a thread to a magazine hosted on a different instance? I wanted to post to a lemmy.world community but I can't get it to show up in the magazine selector on the add thread page. Is there syntax I am missing here or is it just not possible?

palordrolap ,

TL;DR: To create a new post anywhere in the Fediverse, you have to have an account on the host where you want to create it. (As far as I know anyway.)

To participate in comments is slightly different, and in many cases, a comment made on a separate instance (or even platform) will show up on the original instance, provided the admins of each have set up respective federation.

Nonetheless, this can also fail. Consider several people on, say, kbin.social all subscribed to the same Lemmy community on some instance or another.

They'll all see each other's comments as well as the Lemmy users' comments, and be able to interact, but if that Lemmy's admin team decides not to allow external comments to be visible, the kbin folks will be talking to each other and no-one at the Lemmy, even if their comments are in response to, and show up underneath, a Lemmy user's message.

That Lemmy user would be totally clueless unless they knew to access kbin.social and check. And no-one's going to want, or even be able, to do the rounds of all potential Federation sites to see if they have unfederated responses.

What would be nice is if it was possible to log in to one Federation site with credentials for another, or have some non-specific login details that are shared across multiple, but I suspect that's a logistical nightmare waiting to happen.

Since I'm over a thousand characters in at this point, I might as well explain that you're getting this response two weeks late(r) because your post showed up on the kbin.social sidebar for me today for some reason.

subignition OP ,
@subignition@kbin.social avatar

@palordrolap Oh hey, thanks for the detailed response! I actually did some exploration and learning since I made the OP, so I can bring some info to this discussion as well in case the post floats by more people!

TL;DR: To create a new post anywhere in the Fediverse, you have to have an account on the host where you want to create it.

Thankfully, this isn't the case. I think Kbin has (or had? haven't tried lately) some UI issues that prevented you from being able to properly find federated communities to submit a post to them. I made an alt account on fedia.io (linked in my profile) and I have been able to post threads on communities in other instances from there.

As far as I know, you are correct about the potential for one-way defederation causing visibility issues in the way you describe. Last I checked that was not really an intended use case for the functionality, i.e. it should normally be a mutual process, but I think that may be an area where the platforms are still experiencing growing pains.

What would be nice is if it was possible to log in to one Federation site with credentials for another, or have some non-specific login details that are shared across multiple, but I suspect that's a logistical nightmare waiting to happen.

Agreed, both that it would be nice and that it will probably never happen. :P I don't claim to know any more technical details than those broad strokes.

steinbring ,
@steinbring@kbin.social avatar

I have been following @milwaukee and @wisconsin from kbin.social and I noticed that starting around a week ago or so, I can post to the communities but new posts and comments don't make it from midwest.social to kbin.social. Is there a federation issue? Was something recently broken?

quortez ,
@quortez@kbin.social avatar

@steinbring can you see this?

steinbring OP ,
@steinbring@kbin.social avatar

@quortez I can

crossmr ,

can't even post a thread in this magazine.

So my question: are we going to be defederating instances that don't crack down on users supporting and advocating terrorism?

vintprox ,
vintprox avatar

@melroy Because of using some very generic tags on your magazine as featured tags, this microblog gets filled with unrelated things.

hitstun ,
@hitstun@fedia.io avatar

@vintprox My @FloatingIsFun replaced with for this reason. It was pulling in every space-related post in the Fediverse, which is cool, but most of them don't fit the magazine's theme.

I realize that by using the tag a lot, I've basically hijacked the tag for my own community's use. I wish I had an equivalent to Reddit's filtering by post flairs without having to dominate entire tags.

vintprox OP ,
vintprox avatar

@hitstun For some magazines, even one dominated tag is not enough :P

AFAIK, once you name the magazine certain way, it will fetch posts with hashtag of the same name, which is barely unavoidable. Hashtags are ought to be taken, by design!

soweli-mute ,

kbin is lowkey kinda complicated lol

there's so many different kinds of posts, microblogging, threads, etc.

lowkey a bit overwhelming.

Teppic ,
@Teppic@kbin.social avatar

@soweli There is certainly some truth to that, but

  1. it gets easeir farily quickly; and
  2. it's worth the effort! Other platforms don't give you the same power and breadth of access across the fediverse.

You'll find you get more interaction from within kbin (and also from Lemmy) if you use 'Threads' rather than 'Posts' (like this). Posts sit in the Microblog and are more aligned to Mastodon way of working - they are harder to see unless people already follow you.

Likewise ,
@Likewise@beige.party avatar

Let's give 'em something to talk about
A little mystery to figure out. -Bonnie Raitt @bookstodon

SirNameless_1 ,
@SirNameless_1@vivaldi.net avatar

@bookstodon @Likewise I detect a certain amount of dispassionateness here. 😁

Likewise OP ,
@Likewise@beige.party avatar

@EllieK @bookstodon Thanks Ellie. Lars is a Ball Python 🐍

weekinfediverse ,
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adamsdesk ,
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Support to, run, copy, distribute, study and modify for on the with a boost and follows!

  • Snikket @snikket_im
    Easy-to-use privacy-friendly XMPP messaging platform.
  • Semaphore @semaphore
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  • Pulsar Edit @pulsaredit
    Community-led Hyper-Hackable Text Editor.
  • AltStore @altstore
    A home for apps that push the boundaries of , no jailbreak required.

Smootnyclown , Polish
@Smootnyclown@mastodon.social avatar

kiedyś na blogu robiłem takie swoje czytelnicze podsumowania miesiąca i chciałbym do tego wrócić. Na tapecie mam wstępnie trzy grafiki dla cyklu, która wydaje się wam najlepsza (lub co uważacie, że powinienem zmienić)? Nie znam się na projektowaniu, więc rzecz robię "na czuja":) będę wszystkim wdzięczny za wszystkie opinie <3 @ksiazki

Zdjęcie 2. identyczne zdjęcie, jak poprzednie. Różnica jest taka, że tutaj napis "PODSUMOWANIE LITERACKIE" znajduje się u dołu, a złote kółko z napisem "WRZESIEŃ '23" - w lewym górnym rogu.
Zdjęcie 3. Identyczne zdjęcie, napis "PODSUMOWANIE LITERACKIE" dalej jest na dole, ale złote kółko z napisem "WRZESIEŃ '23" jest w prawym górnym rogu i ma większą przezroczystość, niż na zdjęciu 2.

mason ,
@mason@f-t.net.pl avatar

Szczerze pisząc - żadna z tych wersji mi się nie podoba.

Typografia jest okej, z wyjątkiem białej czcionki na żółtawym tle, natomiast ułożenie obrazka względem tekstu - słabo. Masz dwa istotne punkty - głowa (szczególnie oczy) i książka. W każdym wariancie któreś z nich przysłonięte.

Proponowałbym jeśli masz szerszy kadr - wykorzystanie na teksty niebieskiego tła zdjęcia z ograniczeniem najeżdżania na kota lub dorobienie tego niebieskiego tła za pomocą narzędzi wypełniających lub klonowania itp.

Jeśli miałbym wybierać tylko z tych trzech opcji, to wybieram 2.

@Smootnyclown @ksiazki

Smootnyclown OP ,
@Smootnyclown@mastodon.social avatar

@mason @ksiazki a co myślisz o takiej wersji? (na razie roboczo, pewnie zmienię font dla "'23", żeby też był wypełniony)

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