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duanetoops ,
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The first book was beyond enjoyable! Excited to start the second!


duanetoops OP ,
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@Jennifer @jgoodleaf @Narayoni @bookstodon @murderbotbot followed! Lol!

Narayoni ,
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@Jennifer @duanetoops @jgoodleaf @bookstodon @murderbotbot that's so cool! But I guess I should refrain from following it until I finish the series (coz spoilers!).

ajsadauskas ,
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Called it. Elon's doing exactly what I thought he would do: https://aus.social/@ajsadauskas/109979152813584947

Twitter is dead.

There is no point in trying to hold on to what Twitter used to be. What Twitter used to be no longer exists.

It died the moment Elon walked in the building.

Anything posted there since then has been free content on his everything app and potential crypto scam, X: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/jul/23/twitter-elon-musk-says-he-wants-to-change-companys-bird-logo


mxcory ,

Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? Annie, are you okay? So, Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?

maegul ,
@maegul@lemmy.ml avatar

Yep! I read that post for you when you posted it. Been thinking of it regularly since and how spot on you were!!

SamXavia ,
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So i've been trying to talk to a friend about the lately and they seem to think that the US Government will crack down on it because Billionaires might get annoyed if users move away from normal Social Media to move across to the . What do you think about this?

Jerry ,

@SamXavia I think your friend is a looney conspiracy theorist

GlennMagusHarvey ,
@GlennMagusHarvey@mander.xyz avatar

So it seems their reasoning is as follows:

  1. billionaires “control” (in some way) the US government
  2. said billionaires have an interest in getting people to join their companies’ platforms
  3. therefore, they will collude to make the US government ban the fediverse

I doubt that they will readily consider the following information with a level head, but if they are willing to listen, you may want to cite the following:

  • “Big Tech” is actually rather politically unpopular right now.
  • The US government has actually held various hearings grilling leaders of major tech companies. Unfriendly hearings, I would add. (Your friend may just try to dismiss this as “theater”…)
  • The various major tech companies see each others as rivals more than partners. Doubly so with Elon Musk gratuitously adding his own ball of stupid chaos into things. Heck, tech companies are more likely motivated by finding new disruptive technologies to undermine their competition.
  • Meta and Tumblr have both expressed interest in supporting ActivityPub.
  • ActivityPub, Mastodon, Lemmy, and the rest of this whole shebang is all open-source. Even if you make the flagship organizations illegal, the open-source nature of the software will lead other people to create their own hubs, and even to develop these platforms further in the absence of a flagship.
  • The US government is gloriously slow to do anything.
  • Hell, billionaires hate digital piracy! Have they been able to ban it? (This might be your strongest argument…?)
ramblingreaders ,
@ramblingreaders@toot.community avatar

Do you know there's a alternative to Amazon-owned ? is a social network for tracking your reading, writing reviews, and discovering what to read next. You can follow and interact with users on different instances and on . You can import from a Goodreads CSV export. You can create private shelves and curated lists. Join us at https://ramblingreaders.org or choose one of the other instances available @bookstodon

jpaskaruk ,
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PeteZ ,
@PeteZ@mastodonbooks.net avatar

@danialbehzadi @ramblingreaders @bookstodon

Hmm. IANAL, so you may be right. Have you recommended changing the license to them. It’d be easy enough to do on the GitHub page.

DannyBoy ,

YSK: When making posts on Lemmy/Kbin always put at the end some hashtags related to your post topic.

So users from Mastodon and Pixelfed can interact with your post without even need to use their Lemmy/Kbin account or learn about "how to use the ActivityPub".
This also helps to have more content avaliable across the Fediverse due to better discoverability.


jlou ,

The trick is to edit out the mention of the lemmy community before you add the hashtags then lemmy doesn't see the updated version of the post with the hash tags, but people on mastodon see the hash tags

subspaceinterferents ,
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SceNtriC , Polish
@SceNtriC@101010.pl avatar

No dobrze - to jeszcze nie jest oficjalne ogłoszenie artykułu (to nastąpi w czwartek), ale z racji na to, że czuję, iż tutaj społeczność będzie miała trochę do powiedzenia, w Fedi udostępniam tekst wcześniej.

Ma być to artykuł, w którym trochę opowiadam o tym, czym są agregatory treści (nie dla wszystkich może być to oczywiste), ale jednocześnie informuję o czymś takim, jak i że można to wprowadzać pod swoje strzechy. Przy czym nie jest to żaden tutorial ani poradnik - to raczej pokazanie możliwości i idei, jak można go wykorzystać do różnych celów. Wiadomo - im więcej /kbinów, tym więcej ich użytkowników, a im więcej użytkowników /kbina, tym więcej userów w Fedi.

To okazja do zwerbalizowania tego, o czym jakiś czas temu pisało tutaj parę osób (wykorzystanie /kbina przez urzędy), a dla mnie jednocześnie sposobność do zwizualizowania pomysłu na serwisy sportowe i przy okazji rant na to, co wyprawiają dzienniki w Internecie.

Tekst już jest, ale na razie go nie rozgłaszam publicznie. W tej chwili bardziej jestem ciekawy, czy coś Waszym zdaniem można tutaj dodać lub czy gdzieś nie palnąłem kompletnej głupoty.


SceNtriC OP ,
@SceNtriC@101010.pl avatar

Aktualizacja - dzisiaj dopiero pojawił się post z mojego konta na bin.pol.social. Post był dodany przed południem wczoraj, dzisiaj pojawił się między tootami, które przyszły na serwer 7 godzin temu :)

@m0bi13 @emill1984 @ernest @wariat @pomoc @ernest

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@SceNtriC Z tego co widzę karab.in i kbin.social odpowiadają w czasie rzeczywistym. Jak tylko ogarnę swój bałagan, doprowadzimy z Piotrem do porządku pol.social - to jest również wysoki priorytet ;) Podejrzewam, że na kolejkach zrobiło się tłoczno.

@wariat @SceNtriC @emill1984 @emill1984

feditips ,
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  • The https://kbin.social server is now federating with the Fediverse. You can follow/interact with kbin.social magazines & users from other Kbin servers, Mastodon & rest of the Fediverse. For example the TIL magazine is at @todayilearned, the lead dev of Kbin is at @ernest

  • There's a new Kbin server at https://readit.buzz which is run by the same people as the Universodon.com Mastodon server. It's open for signups, just click "log in" and then "register".

vintprox ,
@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

@pieceofthepie @feditips @ernest

Interesting, so it's another way around: I need to follow Mastodon account from Kbin? I just followed and republished post from Mastodon with appropriate tag, but it doesn't work. It's probably requiring some more time to heat...

vintprox ,
@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

@ernest @feditips

It turns out that Microblog doesn't gather posts that contain extreneous tag somewhere around the beginning. I really miss the docs on this matter. When I include tag "", my post doesn't appear in my magazine, but when I remove it, all is fine, post appears immediately.

What's the behavior here? I just checked and it seems that if I include extreaneous tag as the first one, post is ignored. When I move this tag after the featured one, the post appears on Microblog tab.

Oh, and by "extraneous tag" I still maintain the . When I try any other, it doesn't interfere and show the post as it's intended to. So, it looks like I cannot use hashtag as the first one specifically.


Arotrios ,
@Arotrios@kbin.social avatar

So after stumbling across this patently absurd bit of Russian propaganda from noagendasocial.com, I'd thought I'd stroll on over to the instance and see what the fuck is going on over there. After all, it's run by Adam Curry of MTV VJ fame and the so-called podfather, so it's gotta be just one bad apple, right?

Holy fuck, it's like walking into FSB propaganda machine made for Trumptards. That one bad apple is a power user with the top rated post, an anti-LGBTQ+ meme.

@adam what the absolute hell? You used to be cool when I was 8 and watching MTV. Did you lose your morality and ethics when you cut your hair?

TokyoMonsterTrucker ,

Look at his feed. He’s obviously a right-wing lunatic. noagendasocial is a known shithole of the fediverse.

Arotrios OP , (edited )
@Arotrios@kbin.social avatar


Holy shit. Given the source, I think that's best praise I've ever gotten in my life. I'm gonna go put that on my profile. @TokyoMonsterTrucker hit me up if you wanna go grab a beer to celebrate.

Seriously though, Adam, you need to take a step back and realize what your toy has become - you're gonna end up with blood on your hands if you keep letting this hate spread. Maybe take a night off and watch The Fisher King - I think it speaks to someone in your position, and when you've got Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges in the cast, you know it's gonna be good.

EDIT: A month later, and it's become clear I'm the one of the few dozens on the Fediverse who actually remember who Adam Curry was. No point in wasting the real estate on my profile for a troll fading into obscurity.

rideranton ,
@rideranton@kbin.social avatar

kbin's API is coming soon! I've finished up all of the endpoints required for a useful API, so it will enter review soon! The PR is here

This will allow apps like @artemisapp to interact more effectively with kbin!

hariette ,
@hariette@kbin.social avatar

already got my own test instance with the changes running. THIS IS SUCH A KILLER KBIN FEATURE! You the boss!

franktaber ,
@franktaber@mas.to avatar

@rideranton I am hopeful that I can follow kbin discussions from mastodon soon.

Smootnyclown , Polish
@Smootnyclown@mastodon.social avatar

kiedyś na blogu robiłem takie swoje czytelnicze podsumowania miesiąca i chciałbym do tego wrócić. Na tapecie mam wstępnie trzy grafiki dla cyklu, która wydaje się wam najlepsza (lub co uważacie, że powinienem zmienić)? Nie znam się na projektowaniu, więc rzecz robię "na czuja":) będę wszystkim wdzięczny za wszystkie opinie <3 @ksiazki

Zdjęcie 2. identyczne zdjęcie, jak poprzednie. Różnica jest taka, że tutaj napis "PODSUMOWANIE LITERACKIE" znajduje się u dołu, a złote kółko z napisem "WRZESIEŃ '23" - w lewym górnym rogu.
Zdjęcie 3. Identyczne zdjęcie, napis "PODSUMOWANIE LITERACKIE" dalej jest na dole, ale złote kółko z napisem "WRZESIEŃ '23" jest w prawym górnym rogu i ma większą przezroczystość, niż na zdjęciu 2.

mason ,
@mason@f-t.net.pl avatar

Szczerze pisząc - żadna z tych wersji mi się nie podoba.

Typografia jest okej, z wyjątkiem białej czcionki na żółtawym tle, natomiast ułożenie obrazka względem tekstu - słabo. Masz dwa istotne punkty - głowa (szczególnie oczy) i książka. W każdym wariancie któreś z nich przysłonięte.

Proponowałbym jeśli masz szerszy kadr - wykorzystanie na teksty niebieskiego tła zdjęcia z ograniczeniem najeżdżania na kota lub dorobienie tego niebieskiego tła za pomocą narzędzi wypełniających lub klonowania itp.

Jeśli miałbym wybierać tylko z tych trzech opcji, to wybieram 2.

@Smootnyclown @ksiazki

Smootnyclown OP ,
@Smootnyclown@mastodon.social avatar

@mason @ksiazki a co myślisz o takiej wersji? (na razie roboczo, pewnie zmienię font dla "'23", żeby też był wypełniony)

michelin ,
@michelin@hachyderm.io avatar

Now that both and have been short-sighted enough to burn through the goodwill of many users and communities, I wonder if it's time for distributions like @fedora and @centos - who were latecomers to the - to embrace ?

Let's see if I succeed in posting this to @linux as well - to see if Mastodon<->Lemmy interop works as well as it seems to do with another Lemmy community

michelin OP ,
@michelin@hachyderm.io avatar

@fedora @centos @linux ooh thank you!

michelin OP ,
@michelin@hachyderm.io avatar

@fedora @centos @linux should that be tagged on every official toot? That way you cross publish at zero cost

duanetoops ,
@duanetoops@mstdn.party avatar

You don't get a second chance at a first impression, they say. But, a writer does. Months maybe years of preparation. Of revising. The First, second, third, forty-seventh draft. Whatever it takes for that conversation starter. That attention grabber. The perfect pickup line. Play your cards well enough and they'll bring you home and take you to bed... you're writing that is. What did you think I was meaning?...


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  • duanetoops OP ,
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    eyrea ,
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    @12thRITS @CindyWeinstein @duanetoops @bookstodon Maman est mort aujourd'hui.

    lemmy_for_mastodon ,
    @lemmy_for_mastodon@mastodon.social avatar

    Looking for a place to discuss what you've been reading? Consider checking out the new Lemmy instance dedicated to all things books and writing over at: https://literature.cafe

    The best part is you can participate from your existing fediverse account. Communities on Lemmy can be followed like users and have similar functionality to other fediverse groups!

    Try following: @fiction
    More at: https://literature.cafe/communities

    gavi ,
    @gavi@wandering.shop avatar

    @lemmy_for_mastodon @fiction testing to see if this shows up properly

    gabe ,
    @gabe@literature.cafe avatar

    woah this is crazy. theres two of me!

    Gordon_Freeman ,
    @Gordon_Freeman@kbin.social avatar

    Dumb question. How to crosspost?

    ThatOneKirbyMain2568 ,
    @ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

    @Gordon_Freeman There isn't a crosspost button, but if two threads are similar, they'll show as crossposts of each other. I'm not sure exactly what the criteria are, but from what I can gather, two link threads will show as crossposts on Kbin if they have the same link. Otherwise, they need the same title (and maybe the same photo?).

    Gordon_Freeman OP ,
    @Gordon_Freeman@kbin.social avatar

    @ThatOneKirbyMain2568 Thanks, I saw multiple threads with the "crosspost" below and was wondering how to do it since I didn't dound the button. It's cool it's done automatically

    Damaskox , (edited )
    @Damaskox@kbin.social avatar

    How do you crosspost (in kbin.social)?

    jeena ,
    @jeena@jemmy.jeena.net avatar
    ernest ,
    @ernest@kbin.social avatar

    @Damaskox It still requires work. Currently, it's more about presenting threads.


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