TIL getting continuous integration working on Codeberg

Today I got CI/CD pipeline of Codeberg Actions working on the Codeberg kbin project. Which is based on GitHub Actions actually.

I'm running my own forgejo-runner. And register a new runner that works together with Codeberg.org. Now new jobs will be automatically picked-up by my runner. This is required to avoid regression on PRs, run automatically build and various tests. In the future also deploy to acceptance environment(s).

The Actions tab is now also enabled as well in the kbin project, showing the current running jobs or completed jobs.

I'm leveraging Docker for the build and unit-tests jobs. Currently requiring both NodeJS, Yarn and PHP in a single Docker image. Forgejo runners can also accept LXC containers, but that comes with vulnerability issues so I only allow Docker.

Officially, Codeberg/Forgejo Actions is still in early beta. They don't provide hosted runners yet. That all being said, it seems to work fine for now. I try to talk with the Forgejo developer to also get the cache action working. Since currently we have an issue with that. Caching should allow us to have faster CI/CD runs and less load on NPM and Composer package registries.

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