TIL: Merge a specific commit from another Git remote

When you want to cherry pick a specific commit from another remote, you do NOT need to manually copy files or fetch a patch. It's git after all...

So when I try to cherry pick a commit from Kbin and merge it back into Mbin in cases we want changes back in Mbin as well you can use git cherry-pick.

But first follow these steps below, which assumes you already have cloned Mbin repository locally and are in the working directory of Mbin (eg. main branch):

git remote add kbin https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core.git
git fetch kbin
git checkout -b call-it-what-you-want  # Creates a new local feature branch

# Now check the log on the other remote and other branch
git log kbin/develop

# Finally, cherry pick the commit you want, use the commit hash here
git cherry-pick  <commit_hash>
breadsmasher ,
@breadsmasher@lemmy.world avatar

this post has a timestamp of an hour on the future

melroy OP Admin ,
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I didn't knew I could time-travel. Or it's a bug in either Lemmy or Mbin. Maybe some conversion missing with time-zones?

melroy OP Admin ,
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