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ChildlessBambino , in DistroHopping: Void Linux? avatar

@melroy that's why i switched from Pop_Os to Fedora. Loved Pop but being based on such an old version of Ubuntu it was giving me problems with certain packages being out of date. So i kinda settled on Fedora now. Timely updates but not as crazy as Arch

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

I fully understand it indeed. Fedora is nice as well! The only down-side is maybe it's sponsored by RedHat.. But I digress ;P

xor , in DistroHopping: Void Linux?

li just installed void myself (and reinstalled it a couple times)
i like it, i'd say get the glibc versions
my main reason for switching was laptop battery life but, i don't think any distribution actually works for that...
or i need juuust the right one

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

Thanks for your reply. I was planning to get glibc indeed, I also use Steam so... musl is not yet an option for me (too bad).

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar
xor ,

everything has vulnerabilities... these aren't that bad...
if anything it's popularity leads to greater scrutiny, which leads to people finding and fixing these...

Helkriz , in TIL: Using Inkscape instead of GIMP

I use Inkscape for Icons, logos etc. It is a great tool. Loved your work here.

taanegl , in TIL: Using Inkscape instead of GIMP

SVGs are really the beez knees, and vector is DEFINITELY the way to go. Illustrator is a vector application and arguably most publishing applications are also a combination of markup and vector.

Inkscape has had a fair deal of usability issues (I'd rather want Affinity Designer for some jobs, but no Linux version), but the new maintainers have stepped up.

One of them has a YouTube channel that talks about recent changes and future development.

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

Thanks! I will also watch some of those videos of Martin. I really hope Inkscape will have more improvements in the upcoming months/years.

TheOakTree , in TIL: Using Inkscape instead of GIMP

I tried to learn GIMP to make some art a while back and got frustrated with the UI... I gave Krita a try and it felt simpler and therefore easier to learn. I wonder if I should try Inkscape, but I really haven't made anything in a couple years, so who knows.


Gimp really is more of an image manipulation program. Like it says on the tin. Although you can do creative things, it's pretty heavy on sort of algorithmic approach to processing existing raster images.

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

Gimp is a great tool actually, but only works with pixels. Yes it's a manipulation program, it's in the name: GNU Image Manipulation Program. Vector images are a dead-end with Gimp.

kest , in TIL: YouTube blocks adblockers
kest avatar

mine still works

though i don't use youtube all that much

Moobythegoldensock , in you can use a ! in front of a lemmy link.

Doesn’t work on Memmy though.

melroy Admin , in you can use a ! in front of a lemmy link.
melroy avatar

seems to work in Mbin as well.. but mainly because Lemmy is making a markdown link out of it.

Sagar , in Optimizing PostgreSQL is key


melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

What about it :P? SQLite is also nice... But I rather go to PostgreSQL on production systems.

mayoi ,

If SQLite was enough, you never used PostgreSQL in the first place. The post clearly is for cases when distributed database is needed.

Sagar ,

PgSQL is gigantic compared to SQLIte. Also, current versions of SQLite are very very optimized! I think it is sufficient!

About distributed databse, I’m not sure, maybe one can use multiple sqlite databases across multiple nodes, sort and use accordingly.

mayoi ,

If Postgres is gigantic then whatever you’re doing isn’t.

Sagar ,

Aah well, I mistook it for MySQL. 23.5MB tarball is quite great! Still SQLite, for 3MB is what I prefer!

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

It's not just the size of the tarball or binary. It's also about how it scales in terms of performance when you have 400 users per hour on your server. Mbin is using PostgreSQL, can you imagine if Lemmy would SQLite.. your page will never load.. haha

Sagar ,

Lemmy can easily work with SQLite3. The bottleneck in web services is not data fetching, it is network hops. The transmission takes most amount of time. SQLite is perfect for Lemmy!

Sagar ,

For very big services like YouTube, it will fail! The only advantage of PgSQL is it has a client server model which decreases overhead.

GammaGames , in Use env variables in Docker Compose file avatar

Didn’t know about this, thanks for sharing!

melroy OP Admin , in Use env variables in Docker Compose file
melroy avatar

Of course you can set whatever you want in your Docker compose file using this environment variable syntax. It's not limited to an environment nor setting a specific Docker image version

Teppic , in TIL: YouTube blocks adblockers

Perhaps the EU will block youtube from blocking ad blockers...

breadsmasher , in TIL: Merge a specific commit from another Git remote avatar

this post has a timestamp of an hour on the future

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

I didn't knew I could time-travel. Or it's a bug in either Lemmy or Mbin. Maybe some conversion missing with time-zones?

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar
vzq , in TIL: YouTube blocks adblockers

If I can’t avoid the ads at least a bit, we’re going to have to part ways. I find the default experience unbearable. Since I watch YouTube mostly for entertainment, I can just go and entertain myself somewhere else.

Most of my favorite YouTubers seem to be cultivating a dual-platform strategy with a modestly priced pay site, so that’s likely where I will end up.

netburnr , in TIL: YouTube blocks adblockers avatar

Update ublock definitions and disable any other plug-ins that might interfere. Firefox only from what I’ve heard

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

I do use Firefox always with uBlock Origin.

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