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Software Engineer & DevOps Architect. Mbin contributor (and creator of the fork).

He/him 🇳🇱

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🎞 Video Editor
🎨 Computer Graphics Artist
🎓 Frontend Mentor
💌 FOSS Enthusiast

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🎞 Video Editor
🎨 Computer Graphics Artist
🎓 Frontend Mentor
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Nerdy advocate for static websites and the tools that build them. Inveterate supporter of the Oxford comma. Old enough to remember when Americans were proud to be anti-fascist. Admitted Apple fanboy — don’t judge — but also very pro-Linux and have been known to use Arch BTW™. Husband, father, grandfather, son, brother. Native Texan but opinions are atypical for an Old White Guy from Texas. He/him. avatar


Almost as smuuth as sharks. cover avatar


wiki-user: Martineski

Note: I’m not a bot. I pick out every img manually and try to post only quality things. I help myself with a post scheduler tool to not flood the c/all feed. The tool: avatar


Hører til sidste halvdel af Generation-X og har siden 1981 aldrig boet i et hjem uden computer. Det blev til en hobby, til en uddannelse og endelig til en karriere.

Intereserer mig for politik og samfund, oftest med en IT-vinkel og ofte med en skeptisk vinkel.

Liberal, men ikke neoliberal med deres regnearksfetischisme.

Blevet far i en sen alder og er udiagnosticere autist.

Deltager mest med min mastodon-konto cover avatar


Excel modeller, juggler, geek, engineer, DIY nut. Woke=thoughtful, considerate and empathetic. All views are my own. cover avatar


I am a father of three, living in Australia, Wiradjuri country.

I am Regional CTO for Palo IT, however the opinions stated here are purely my own and do not represent the opinion and/or ideology or of Palo IT, employees, customers or partners

I'm interested in security, compliance, psychology, philosophy, IoT, sustainability, etc.

I am admin for, and

I post about many things, some jokes and mêmes, some tech, some questions... A bit of everything. cover avatar


I'm a #OpenSource #Software #DevOps #Engineer 👋.
Software Developer & DevOps Engineer. Also a mbin creator (fork of kbin). More info: nobot

#Decentralizing the Internet (
♥ Mbin developer (
♥ Crypto #cardano, #bitcoincash (BCH)
♥ Inline-skating, nature, photography, the stars
♥ My two kittens cats and of course @Dennis 😘🏳️‍🌈

I follow back (most likely)!


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